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Reviewed by AVeryLollywoodPerson10 / 10

After Bol & Khuda Kay Liye, we got Kamli.

This movie is one of those films that is very important for Pakistani cinema. Direction is top notch. Music excellent. Each and every song is a chartbuster. Acting amazing. Saba Qamar has outdone herself. This movie proves her acting capability as she is able to convey her feelings to the viewers just through her expressions. Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha are great as always. I hope this movie is a box office success so that we can have more movies like Kamli in the future.

Reviewed by saqlainali-064378 / 10

Must Watch

Kamli will transcend Pakistani cinema to new heights and will open the door for other filmmakers to work on serious subjects.

Saba Qamar is phenomenal at what she does, and in this film potraying the character of Hina - a women, whose husband Saqlain hasn't returned since last eight years, while she is roaming the valley of Soon looking for lover to quinch her thirst - audience will witness her seductive erotic gaze and the way she moves her body 'overflowed with powerful emotion.'

Sania Saeed as Sakina, the pious religious women but blind and still teaches Holy Quran to Children is brilliant in her performance. Nimra Bucha as Zeenat is an artist fighting her own inner demons and Omair Rana adds a flavor as her husband.

Son of Irfan Khoosat, Sarmad Sultan Khoosat.(director of Manto and Zindagi Tamasha) has proven once again that he is the artisitic face of cinema and only he can pursue independent craft.

Great direction, great performances, mesmerizing landscapes, amazing cinematography, impeccable dialogues, good storyline, and soundtrack creating soothing atmosphere.

Reviewed by shahzaibabbasicom10 / 10

overwhelmingly impressive.

Kamli surpassed all my expectations and the way it ends, uffff! It is intense, bold, haunting, exhilarating and even painful at times yet the most beautiful thing happened to Urdu Cinema.

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