Justice League Dark


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Rosario Dawson Photo
Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman
Jerry O'Connell Photo
Jerry O'Connell as Superman
Jeremy Davies Photo
Jeremy Davies as Ritchie Simpson
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Photo
Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Alba Garcia / Black Orchid
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rectangular_businessman7 / 10

A decent watch

Justice League Dark didn't disappoint any of my expectations, being another good entry for the DC animated universe.

It was entertaining to watch and it had a nice animation and designs. It was also nice to see some often overlooked characters from DC comics (Such as Deadman) getting some spotlight, and honestly more of these lesser know characters deserve their own opportunity to shine.

And honestly I don't know why this got an "R", taking into consideration how The Flashpoint Paradox got only a PG-13 rating despite being far more violent than this movie.

Reviewed by guisreis7 / 10

Could have been great but it is just ok

The beginning before credits is simply great, quite frigthening and well done (I did not like the portrayal of Wonder Woman and even more of Superman, but it is a minor issue). However, after that, all the occultist stuff is too rushed and underdevelopped... Animation is well done, but there lies the feeling that the opportunity to make an unforgettable animated movie has been waisted.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

good introduction

Regular people are committing crimes after hallucinating demons as the people around them. The Justice League is out of their element in this world of magic. Batman gets possessed by Deadman and given a message, Constantine. He recruits Zatanna to find Constantine to battle the mysterious new evil. With the help of Swamp Thing, the group fights Destiny.

The start is nice and it shows the JL unable to deal with magic. It gives a good reason to assemble a Justice League Dark. The secondary need is to present compelling characters. The JL characters are household names but these other ones are generally not. Constantine is great and Zatanna provides a good foil possibility. I'm not sure Batman is the natural bridge. It may be more compelling to send Superman and have him overwhelmed by magic. It would show that physical power is useless in this realm. There is a lot of explosive action which is like a crutch for this movie. It needs to set a different tone from the JL. Overall, it's a good start and time will tell if this goes anywhere good.

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