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Reviewed by rkeilitz-19-5379159 / 10

A Small Movie With A Big Heart

Stumbled across this lovely movie on-line as any film with Charlotte Rampling always peaks my interest. The small cast gives very decent performances to a simple family story that many of us could relate to. If you are in a mellow mood as I was then it's worth a view. If you expect a pièce de résistance in film making then stay away. Once again Ms. Rampling at 75 with 134 screen credits to date commands the screen with her subtle but engrossing performance.

Reviewed by tm-sheehan7 / 10

Intelligent and thoughtful New Zealand film and Directorial Debut

My Review- Juniper My Rating. 7.5 /10

I found Juniper a very moving film but a little emotionally triggering by that I mean basically it "pressed my buttons." in parts.

I must admit I dozed off a little first viewing not because I was bored but just tiredness so I watched it again and I'm glad I did.

This interesting 2021 movie from New Zealand written and directed by Matthew J Saville is what I call a slow burner but by the conclusion I had definitely warmed to it .

The subjects that crop up in Juniper are confronting they include family alcoholism, grief, assisted dying, teenage suicide and parent child communication breakdown .

It's certainly not a musical comedy ,although come to think of it I have seen all those subjects portrayed in the modern musical theatre of today.

Sam ( George Ferrier) the teenage son of Robert (Martin Csokas ) on returning home from boarding school after a self-destructive spree prompted by his mothers death discovers his gin-soaked grandmother Ruth has moved in.

Ruth played by the wonderful actress (Charlotte Rampling) once had a lust for life . A former War photographer now old age , excessive alcohol abuse and her disappointment with life has turned her into a very bitter woman in a wheelchair approaching the finality of her life.

Sam is really a chip off his Grandmother's block and after an initial awkward and violent introduction a battle of wills ensues which eventually thaws out both of these strong and determined individuals resulting eventually in acceptance and reconciliation for all the family members including Sam's absentee Dad Robert played by Marton Csokas.

The two standout performances in Juniper are George Ferrier as Sam and of course Charlotte Rampling as Ruth and this film is worth watching just for them.

Charlotte Rampling said she found the semi autobiographical script by Matthew Saville "just very very compelling." Her first husband was a Kiwi and although not particularly wanting to leave her home in Saint-Germain Paris to travel across the world to New Zealand she said the story " came to her across the page" George Ferrier as Sam I think will be an interesting actor to watch I haven't seen the series "One of us is Lying "that he appears in 4 episodes of but I will look it up after seeing his passionate and sensitive performance as Sam in Juniper this 21 year old actor should receive plenty of role offers after Juniper.

Juniper is a quiet slow burner of a movie I recommend it for movie lovers who enjoy complex characters and films that aren't afraid to deal with sensitive subjects and a great Directorial debut feature film for Matthew Saville.

Reviewed by Avidviewer-028478 / 10

A nice little film that is funny and sad.

A little gem with a good script and good acting. The star is the great Charlotte Rampling as Ruth the grandmother and young actor George Ferrier is the grandson Sam. Ruth and Sam have some funny interactions and dramatic ones too.

It's the story of an unresolved emotional loss by a father (Robert) and son (Sam) and then the father's mother (Ruth) shows up. Ruth is an alcoholic addicted to gin, which I think gives the movie it's title, juniper berries are the main flavoring in gin.

There have probably been movies with similar plots, but this one set In New Zealand is well acted. A real treat to see Charlotte Rampling in a movie.

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