June Night

1940 [SWEDISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by planktonrules5 / 10

an okay flick that badly falters at the end

This is a decent film that probably could have been a lot better if it had maintained its focus. Ingrid Bergman plays a woman who is shot by her angry boyfriend when she breaks up with him (she does narrowly survive). She is then hounded by the press and made into a sensationalistic case against her will. The movie implies that she had behaved a bit "trampy" but exactly how is never clear. Ultimately, she decides to change her ways and leaves town-- changing her name and beginning life anew. But, in the big city of Stockholm, she is once again recognized and the problems appear ready to begin once again.

So far, this is good film making and this would have been the basis for a good movie. However, when an inexplicable romance was tacked on to the end, the movie badly falters for two reasons. First, it just didn't make sense--the man had seen her from afar but had never even talked to her. BUT, as soon as they talk, he agrees to leave his steady girlfriend and run away with Ingrid! Second, you are led by the script to feel sorry for Ingrid and see that she is a decent girl but then she steals her best friend's steady boyfriend! Both conspire to pull this movie into mediocrity. If Bergman's career hadn't taken off at about the same time this movie was released, this film would have probably been forgotten.

FYI--The sensibilities of this film are very ANTI-Hollywood at times. Because it is a Swedish film, the characters are a lot more frank about sex (particularly pre-marital) than Hollywood films of the same era. The difference is very interesting.

Reviewed by marion-89 / 10

Delicate and lyrical

"June Night" has a delicate, lyrical quality that tempers its melodramatic premise. A pre-Hollywood Ingrid Bergman shines as the troubled femme fatale Sara, making it easy to understand why men can't resist her. A compelling story, fine acting, and beautiful cinematography make "June Night" well worth seeing-- and it's got to have one of the loveliest endings in film history!

Reviewed by ignorantbliss-308025 / 10

Slow but Ingrid Bergman simply a treasure.

Sometimes I wonder what critics and movigoers think first whenever Ingrid Bergman comes up on screen. Is it we think about her beauty first then talent or is it vice versa. Watch the last 15 minutes of the film and you'll know what I am talking about. I dont think even those close ups of her Casablanca or Notorious can top that. Whenever the lights on that face we can help but lost in the image.

The movie itself wasn't so good. Very slow and I was almost dozed off myself. I found myself pity with the Asa character, she was caring, selfless, unselfish and good-hearted. The lead actor was quite handsome and charming. I dont like the ending. Abrupt and unrealistic. Would you run off with someone you know less than 24 hours? I dont know, this is Ingrid Bergman we're talking about.

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