1997 [HINDI]

Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled32%
IMDb Rating6.1106384

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Salman Khan Photo
Salman Khan as Raja / Prem Malhotra
Anupam Kher Photo
Anupam Kher as Police Inspector Vidyarthi
Tabu Photo
Tabu as Voice of Rambha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shivakumarvishwa7 / 10

Movie belongs to Salman

Judwaa is a plant surprise.Direction is not bad.Script is good.Story is good.It opens when a lady gives birth to twins.When they are born the nurse says that one has a bandage.Soon they get separated.One is with them.The other is in a railway track and has no one.The twist in the tale is whenever one of the child does something like fighting,kissing or eating the other twin does the same. .Cinematography is pleasant.Songs are loud and forgettable.Chereography is terrible.Background score was irritating.Anupham Kher and Satish Shah were very much annoying and could have been deleted.Karishma delivers a dreadful performance as Mala.Kader was annoying.The lady which played Rajas sister was barley wasted.The man which played Tiger was very irritating.Rambha was okay but acted better than Karishma.The movie belongs to Salman who gives a great perfromance wven though he is in his regular overacting self he has done well.The movie is a watch but just forward the songs

Reviewed by Takethispunch1 / 10


Its original story is from a Chinese movie "Twin Dragons -1992". Jayantilal 'Ratan' (Deepak Shirke) is a criminal. SP Malhotra (Dalip Tahil) arrests him. Ratan wounds himself and is taken to hospital for the cure, where Malhotra is waiting for his wife Geeta (Reema Lagoo) who is on labor and she gives birth to twins and the doctor says that both children have reflection mentality, that means "if it pains to one other also hurts" depending on distance. Ratan escapes and takes one of the twins with him, hurting Geeta. Malhotra goes behind him, but he could not find the child but shoots Ratan. The child was grew up 12 year old he found baby girl and adopted as a sister. They grew up, the brother Raja (Salman Khan) with his friend Rangeela another orphan (Shakti Kapoor) become thieves for earning.

Reviewed by GypsiB7 / 10

Good Fun

Salman Khan plays twins (Raja and Prem) that were separated at birth. Prem is raised by his parents in America, and becomes a singer. Raja is raised as an orphan and becomes a thief. When Prem and his parents return to India, confusion abounds affecting the two men, their girlfriends (played by Karisma Kapoor and Rambha),the police, and even the local crime lord.

This is a silly film, but cute. The plot is predictable, but Khan's dual roles are enjoyable to watch. Some of the songs are catchy and most of the choreography is good as well. Overall, it's good fun, though not exceptional.

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