Jonah Hex


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Thriller / Western

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Jeb Turnbull
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Michael Shannon as Doc Cross Williams
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Megan Fox as Lilah
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Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjk2805 / 10

Short and not bad enough to offend at least

I'm a fan of comics and westerns so even though I knew of Jonah Hex in name only this was something I knew I could probably at least sit through. I've seen some reviews and they seem a little harsh. It wasn't anything special but it moved a long fairly quickly and I wasn't bored for what that's worth.

I agree with others that Brolin was a good choice for Hex. I was glad to see Malkovich there but he seemed a tad underwhelming. I think he's a great actor so I trust he nailed the character though. Will Arnett stuck out like a sore thumb in the small number of scenes he was in. He's a goofy, funny guy I just don't really want to see him in a serious role. You almost can't tell if he's for real or being sarcastically serious. Megan Fox is Megan Fox. Why people are complaining so much about her acting I have no idea. She's there for sex appeal. No one thinks she's the next coming of Meryl Streep or something.

The movie looked a little too synthetic for me especially some of the "ultimate weapon" stuff. It looked a little too clean for a western too. I don't know why some movies like There Will Be Blood can look so authentic and suck you in to the setting but others like this just look too fake.

I figured there would be some fantastic elements involved even though it was grounded in real life, just because of the comic influence. That might have prepared me a little more for the stuff others might have found to be out of place. In fairness movies are a little bit like watching a sporting event for the first time. If you don't know the rules or know what to expect you're likely to not enjoy it much. After the first 5 minutes or so I figured as much to not be jarred by some of the more out of place plot elements, so all in all I thought it was a short, somewhat entertaining movie. Glad it wasn't much longer though.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird7 / 10

Not amazing, but not bad either, good for what it was

Jonah Hex could have been much better I agree, but in all honesty I didn't think it was a bad movie. For what it was, if I had to sum it up in one word I'd say decent.

My main complaint is Megan Fox. She is absolutely beautiful, and while I am not dismissing her as a bad actress, I did find her rather forced and bland here. Some of the dialogue could have done with more work, some was quite cheesy, and the ending felt abrupt and could have been rounded off better.

However, I was impressed if not bowled over by the film's look. I wouldn't say Jonah Hex was visually astounding but it was for me impressive. The cinematography and editing are not completely slip-shod, the effects convince without blowing me away as such, the costumes are above decent and the sets and scenery are meticulously detailed. The soundtrack is fun with some energy and the odd haunting element. There is also an interesting story, an intriguing titular character, okay-ish direction and solid enough pacing. The acting is not going to win any awards, but I wouldn't go to say it was awful, John Malkovich and Josh Brolin fare best.

All in all, imperfect but a decent effort. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by bkoganbing4 / 10

I Talk To The Dead, But Will They Listen To Me?

Josh Brolin, who is looking more and more like his father as he grows older, plays the title role in Jonah Hex based on DC Comics hero from the old west. He's one mean and nasty character, but there's a reason Brolin is like that.

Back during the Civil War, Brolin betrayed his commanding officer, a Nathan Bedford Forrest like character played by John Malkovich who was going to blow up a hospital. For doing that Malkovich slaughtered Brolin's wife and family, branded him with a nasty scar on his cheek, and left him hanging on his fence. Almost dying he's rescued by Indians and brought back to life. The near death experience has left him with an ability to communicate with the departed. And a nasty disposition which is needed to go into the profession of bounty hunting.

No less than the centennial president of the United States, one Ulysses S. Grant summons Brolin saying that this Forrest like character is alive and word has he's planning some really nasty surprise for the American centennial celebrations. Nasty doesn't begin to describe some kind of new weapon he's developed, some kind of gatling gun like cannon that fires rounds of these glowing phosphorescent type balls that can set off terrible explosions.

Jonah Hex will not be on the top ten of either of the stars work and the film leaves a lot to be desired except in the way of action. But Brolin and Malkovich seem to be having one great old time in a contest of overacting. They know they have a bad story and they're bluffing their way through the film, looking like they're having a ball.

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