Joe's Palace


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Kelly Reilly as Charlotte
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Michael Gambon as Elliot Graham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon10 / 10

You won't want it to end.

Joe takes on an unusual job, looking after an unused house for wealthy millionaire Elliot Graham,who curiously lives across the road. Without any residents Joe resides in his palace, which boasts masses to explore. Elliot could be described as the idol rich, Joe is from a humble background. As time goes on Joe hosts MP Richard Reece, and his mistress Charlotte.

I'll admit to being a Poliakoff addict, his writing and artistry for telling a story is spellbinding. Every piece of work he's done has captivated me, it's a toss of a coin between Joe's Palace and Perfect Strangers which I'd give top billing.

There's a wealth of talent, Kelly Reilly, Michael Gambon and Rupert Penry Jones are all wonderful, but it was the relatively unknown talent of Danny Lee Wynter that blew me away, one of the best acting performances I think I've seen. Why is he not better known?

A wonderful scene featuring the Antiques Roadshow team, the pieces are beautiful, I love the way that segment plays out.

I don't quite know how to put into words just how much I enjoyed this, it's moving, funny and somehow addictive. Only Poliakoff can tell a story like this. I miss this style of 90 minute drama.

Not often do you feel like you're watching a film through the eyes of a character, with Joe you do. A fabulous character study 10/10

Reviewed by DuskShadow6 / 10

Theres always a House thats kinda Mysterious...But

Then theres a really, REALLY, thick headed kid that you just hate for most of the movie. His mom kinda sells him off in a way, but at least he has a good job all of the sudden without needing to have finished high school. Right? Well...its easy enough to do, but again, the kid is dumb as hell. Theres little in the way of any responsible adults around as they all are either complacent, home wrecking, apathetic, tired and distraught, oblivious, or just senile. The perfect environment for a slow young fella that needs to still grow and develop into adulthood. The movie is like a Jane Austin adaptation, but instead of the painfully obvious over dramatic insipid romantic angle, this film just goes nowhere. Except to the local deli. Again. And again. And then wanders around town looking for a friend. I cant even call these spoilers, because though I am not telling anything truly revealing here, there really isnt much to tell. Yet IRONICALLY I LIKED THIS FILM BEFORE THE END! Theres a sequel too which sucked, and also involved way too much freedom of entrance unto others properties as a shabby premise. WHOOPS. Was that a spoiler though? I dont care. Watch this with a good few drinks in you. Otherwise, you will just be lost and angry most of the time.

Reviewed by rampaginghulk20038 / 10

good film

I've seen the movie twice, some years back, and just recently 3/24/2016. Joe's ENTIRE character was not my favorite. I never liked the way he was so aloof about life. Very "meh," kind of depressed, had no friends, but then again...he kind of reminds you of the character Mr. Graham in that they are both so very alone, and socially awkward.

Joe's character: He seems to not have much going for him, no friends, socially outcast, but when he gets his new job he seems to become more naive to the fact that he is all alone in a great big house.

There is something about the mansion that captures you, even simply watching them go from priceless room to room you can see how easily this mansion can fill you with wonderment. Later you start to see a trend that everyone who comes in that house soon becomes changed.

I think if you are just watching the film and not really vested into the background, and the characters, then you might easily not get the movie.

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