Jim Jefferies: High n' Dry


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by genious-3541310 / 10

Ignore The Amateur Critics...

Because it's now hip to dump on Jefferies while acting as though one is above it. Anyone that tries to be witty and says their 4 our of 10 rating is because he 'gives it a go' and is a 'partidipaction trophy' is wanting to say more about themselves than the special.

As always, he does a great job with storytelling and his always enjoyable digressions that entertaining enough that you almost forgot what led to them. A great example is the DJ Qualls bit.

Even better is his take on the LGBTQ issues and does a great job laying it all out without leaving the reality of it all. From the sounds of it, this might be the last Jim Jefferies special. I hope it's not but if it is, it's a great way to end. I do hope he continues though because he will be greatly missed.

Reviewed by AnotherPersonInTheWorld4 / 10

He tries...

But he isn't actually that funny anymore. He really gives it a good go, attempting to be controversial, talking a bit about sex, but honestly there is nothing new here, nothing you haven't heard before many many times.

Like most things these days it's just a money grab aimed at the LCD where mediocrity is all that is needed. He has obviously seen other comedians handling the topics he tries to talk about, but they are far superior, but hey if there is a bandwagon to jump on and Netflix are paying... why not.

I'd give it a generous 4/10 as he tries hard, a participation medal of a rating.. .. ..

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen5 / 10

Somewhat bland...

Of course I had to sit down and watch the 2023 stand-up comedy special "Jim Jefferies: High n' Dry", as I stumbled upon it. I didn't know about it, prior to getting to sit down and watch it. But then again, I am not really keeping up to speed with upcoming comedy specials.

I have seen a couple of older shows from Jim Jefferies, and I have to say that the 2023 show "Jim Jefferies: High n' Dry" wasn't his best of shows. Sure, it was watchable, and there were some funny moments, but as a whole set, then it just felt a bit flat and as if he wasn't running on a full tank.

Some good laughs here and there, but the show was just somehow lacking that special spark of energy that Jim Jefferies usually have shown in previous shows. Don't get me wrong here, though, because I am not saying that "Jim Jefferies: High n' Dry" is a bad show, far from it. And I am sure that fans of Jim Jefferies will get a kick out of this 2023 special.

My rating of "Jim Jefferies: High n' Dry" lands on a five out of ten stars.

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