Jim Gaffigan: The Pale Tourist


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by potatoangel-5508910 / 10

Loved it

Jim's humor is offbeat and weird. He speaks to himself out loud in the third person and he sometimes laughs at his own humor. But in Canada he has great timing and the audience loves him. There is no repeating of one liners, no redundant jokes, but great humor regarding Canada and the Canadians seem to love it. He speaks about the provences and the difference between Canadians and Americans. I found him funny with great timing. He is a clean comedian, hardly a swear word and he always talks about being a Catholic. I'm not but I fond his Catholic humor pretty funny since I used to be Catholic myself. I figured I'd run into a lot of disgruntled fans because of Jim's twitter rampage. These are people who USED to find him funny until he made political statements. Then, they write bad reviews. I call BS on those. Love his humor, love the ideas he and his wife come up with and I love his delivery. Id like it even if he had different political views than I did.

Reviewed by gunit-877103 / 10

Gaffigan at his worst

I've enjoyed all of Jim's previous stand up routines, been watching his stuff for a decade. But this one is just boring and cringeworthy (the hideous accents) at parts. Maybe laughed two times total between the episodes.

All he is doing is reciting facts about Canada and Spain respectively and trying to be relevant with the crowd but it just does not work at all. Feels like just a cash grab, he really should rethink his entire strategy and approach. The same schtick just isn't working any more he needs to reinvent his act.

Reviewed by gregsonofman-298-4734288 / 10

Well researched and specifically funny

The Canadian episode is really shows off how much effort Jim put into building a special that played to every region of a country. The historical and cultural references are spot on and make these episodes both highly entertaining and informative.

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