Jesse Stone: Thin Ice


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Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone
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Jessica Hecht as Stephanie Morton
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Camryn Manheim as Elizabeth Blue
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Kathy Baker as Rose Gammon
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Reviewed by tergenev7 / 10

A Different Direction for Jesse

This is clearly written as the first of two or three stories. It continues several of Robert Parker's characters very well, while seriously taking a couple along different paths. Most notably, Jesse's character has gotten more serious, and more challenged by life. There was always the sense in Selleck's portrayal of a wounded soul . . .much more so than in the books about Jesse Stone.

Overall, I liked this movie a great deal. I liked the expansion of William Devane's Dr. Hix character ("Dix" in the novels) and Suitcase Simpson's continuing confusion from his previous coma is still amusing, and occasionally disconcerting. But, although I liked the character of Rose, she is no replacement for Molly. Molly and Jesse's banter from the earlier movies is sorely missed. It added the levity needed as a counterweight to the heavier story lines.

I did like those story lines. The shooting of Healey at the beginning of the show starts the story with a bang, and Jesse's dogged determination to track down whoever is responsible is completely in character, even if it does hurt him professionally. The other story line, about the mother looking for her lost child, seemed at the beginning to be entirely predictable, but then it was not. Camryn Manheim, as the mother, is amazingly good here.

And may I just say that I love the music in these last couple movies. The music has gotten much stronger. Piano-based with a feel of Ravel or Satie, the soundtrack composer was listed during the credits, but I didn't catch the name. I might consider buying this soundtrack.

I liked the ending, but it is clearly leading to the next movie. I can only hope that "Jesse Stone: No Remorse" finishes up a couple of these story lines. I'd like to hear what's happening with Molly. And although I think they tied up the story of the lost child fairly well, the plot with Geno Fish, and the shooter of Detective Healey, seems to have much more to play out in the next movie. And of course, we need to find out what happens next with the police chief of Paradise.

Reviewed by dbborroughs8 / 10

First of the non-novel sourced films is a very good little character driven thriller

Tom Selleck's fifth go round as Robert B Parker's Jesse Stone, the emotionally wounded chief of police for Paradise Massachusetts a small hamlet not far from Boston. Sharing many of the same characters as the Spencer novels the stories and the films have a nice familiar feel while having their own unique style. This is the first film not to be based upon a Parker novel, though to be perfectly honest I think it would fit in nicely with the books.

Stone, forever pining for his ex-wife is at the end of the road and perhaps as the story begins the end of his rope. One of the town fathers has it in for Stone because he's not playing ball. he is not using his men to write lucrative speeding tickets (and he's removed the best ticket writer the town had) nor is he willing to hire the man's son in law. The main thrust of the film is that Stone was involved in a shooting that left the head of the state police homicide squad, Captain Healy, (a cross over character from the Spencer novels) struggling for his life. Healy is a good friend of Stone's and he is not going to let the shooting rest, "because I got shot as well". From this shooting comes further complications as Stone becomes involved with an internal affairs cop investigating the shooting. Add to the mix there is also the appearance of a woman from New Mexico who is looking for her son who was abducted seven years earlier while still an infant and whom she believes maybe in Paradise.

There is much going on and yet at times not a great deal since the film seems more interested in getting into the head of Selleck's Jesse Stone. A man of few words Stone says little preferring his actions to say more than his words. He is a very moral man (his battle with the town council makes that clear) adrift in a world with out morality.I know on some level I would have liked more details to the mysteries at hand, but at the same time I like that the film is a character driven tale. I like that you have to watch the film (and the other Stone films) because what is important isn't what is being said, its whats being done and what is happening between the words. There is a really good scene late in the film when Stone, knowing he is being watched, goes through a pantomime with one of his officers. What is being said runs at odds at how things look, it is something that sums up how the Stone films work.They draw you in and make you care because in order for them to work you have to pay attention to what the characters really are saying and doing.

I liked the film a great deal. If you are a Jesse Stone fan you will like this as well. If you've not seen one before I think you'd like it as well. I'm sure, that you'll be like me and it will have you looking forward to the next one, due late in 2009.

Reviewed by <a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="01736465606f656664607369646065416b746f6e2f626e6c">[email&#160;protected]</a>7 / 10

I liked it. The wife didn't.

While I do agree with this being the least of the series, I enjoyed the episode. However, my wife (who would leave me for Tom if he asked, I'm not kidding) didn't like it.

As an example of our tastes, I loved Clint Eastwoods "Unforgiven" because the distinction between bad and good wasn't clear. My wife did not like "Unforgiven" because the distinction between bad and good wasn't clear.

I think the story line was needed or the series would have fallen way to far into a formula driven format. That's why I think it would destroy the series if it was a week to week show. This episode must set up at least one or two more stories.

I look forward to them.

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