Jack Frost


Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy

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Michael Keaton Photo
Michael Keaton as Jack Frost
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Kelly Preston as Gabby Frost
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Mark Addy as Mac MacArthur
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Mika Boorem as Natalie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sophiahwright8 / 10

Why is this rated so badly?

Why is this movie rated so badly? It's actually a really cute and magical little Christmas movie! Definitely has the Christmas spirit which most Christmas movies are lacking these days. Give it a shot!

Reviewed by slayer-37 / 10

A snowdad is better than no dad........

Ok.. This movie seems to be getting a rash of negative reviews. 1).Bad special effects-this movie was NOT made to "show-off" special effects. I didn't go for the special effects 2).Lame story- why did you go to the movie in the first place when you knew it was about a deceased dad coming back as a snowman. I didn't go hoping for a realistic plot. 3) Bad acting- Did you actually expect to see an Oscar nominated performance from a talking snowman.

Lay off the negative aspects and enjoy the movie for what it is. I obviously had reservations about going to see this movie, but our 2 1/2 year old daughter wanted to go. She wanted to go to see Jack Frost, the snowman.

Hey, a movie of a real live snowman - Is this what it really is about? This movie has a story to tell. And that is what makes this movie a little more special. For those of you who overlook or can't see the meaning of the story, probably do the same with the 'magical' season it is intended to represent.

*** out of *****

Reviewed by MartinHafer1 / 10

Letting your child watch this is akin to child abuse

Who authorized the making of this movie?! I assume that SOMEONE must have read the script and STILL thought the movie was worth making. But how? The movie is a completely depressing and stupid mess. I can't think of a less appealing holiday movie except for the terrible Grinch (2000).

So here's the heart-warming (?) plot. A neglectful father is in a rock/blues band. FYI--Michael Keaton's singing was surprisingly good (though this does NOT make up for the rest of the movie). Anyway, he wants to make it big and gets the chance to do an important gig on Christmas Eve. While traveling there, he's in an accident and is killed. I felt it served him right because he was behaving like a selfish jerk but I'm sure that many children were traumatized when this occurred.

Later, for no discernible reason, his son's wish to have his dad return results in Keaton being reincarnated as a really creepy looking snowman. This is the second opportunity to traumatize the kids, as he wasn't particularly cute or endearing--just plain creepy.

Keaton and his son SOMEHOW manage to renew their love for each other and then Keaton melts---providing a third opportunity to induce childhood trauma in our kids.

That's it. Nothing fun, nothing cuddly, and nothing worth wasting your time seeing. It's just depressing and banal.

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