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Reviewed by secondtake8 / 10

Witty, filled with knowing clichés, and the brightest dark humor you'll find

It's a Disaster (2012)

You might not click with this movie right away, or at all, if you don't like the very ordinary style and very ordinary people this group of eight is meant to portray. I recognized too many of my friends, or friends of friends, in these clichéd types of people, and thought the acting and the situation very realistic.

Realistic within the bounds of a really funny somewhat absurdist comedy.

At first you have a gossipy parody of a weekend "couples brunch" where four couples converge, and have been regularly converging, to catch up and have fun. Except that secretly many of them really dread it, and there is some posing and whispering. As a viewer you enjoy the repartee, which is often pretty funny in a laugh out loud way, and you also try to figure out who is who, and whose is whose (the couples include at least one case of infidelity between them which complicates that part).

And I admit I might not have lasted an hour and half of this interplay, no matter how well performed. (To be emphasized, all eight are vivid and convincing in their own ways. It's the core of the movie that these are believable types.)

But you won't need patience once the huge (huge) twist comes along. It's a classic "ship of fools" scenario, and it's compressed into a very short space: a bunch of distinctive types of people find themselves trapped together in a crisis. That's just the interesting starting point, because it's how, exactly, those kind of people respond to crisis that makes it fascinating.

It works. We get to know the four or five most important people really quickly and when things shift and reactions mount--and the jokes keep flowing--you'll be right along for the ride. Some might call this a dark comedy since the backdrop becomes exceedingly dire, but the reality of that darkness is never salient. The humor, right to the very last three seconds, is cutting and bright.

Why, quite, this isn't a masterpiece is one of those amorphous mysteries of the movies. It lacks, I suppose, some sense of air, or of knowing-ness, or of a style that suffuses whether you quite realize it or not. Something about the very ordinariness of it all makes it wriggle in a sufficiency that keeps it from rising up, or getting really gritty. I don't think it's a flaw. It might even wear well over the years. But it makes some of the weaker characters and weaker lines glare just slightly.

See this? Yes! If you just hate the characters after ten minutes, you might give up. Even after the big twist about twenty minutes in the movie is very character driven. But if you sort of like their company and their humor, dive in and hang on. It's a hoot.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen7 / 10

This was a rather nice surprise...

"It's a Disaster" turned out to be anything but a disaster. This movie really took me by surprise, and turned out to be a really great movie. Especially because of the colorful and interesting characters that were portrayed in the movie.

The story is about a couples brunch that goes totally awry when a disaster strikes downtown, putting the couples patience, trust and friendship to the test.

There is a good amount of laughs in the movie, and they work out well because the scenes are nicely choreographed and planned. But what really makes this movie work is the characters in the movie, and the actors/actresses that were on the cast list to portray these characters. In my opinion, then America Ferrera and David Cross stood out from the others, and did a marvelous job. That being said, I am not saying that the rest of the cast didn't do a great job, far from it. The best character in the movie, however, was Hal Lousteau (played by Todd Berger). It was just a shame that he wasn't in the movie all that long.

The type of comedy found in "It's a Disaster" is the type of comedy that you'll either enjoy tremendously or not at all. Personally, I found it very enjoyable, and the movie really entertained me.

If you enjoy comedies and want something that is not overly Hollywood-mainstream, then give "It's a Disaster" a go - it might just be the thing you have been looking for.

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger8 / 10

Another example of how the low budget under-the-radar movies are better then big Hollywood movies. HILARIOUS!!! I say A-.

"Johnny-crazy-balls over here is going to save us all from Armageddon." Every now and then a group of four couples get together for brunch at someone's house. Today is that day and Tracy (Stiles) is bringing her new boyfriend Glen (Cross) over to meet them for the first time. The conversation begins to unravel quickly and secrets come out that threaten to ruin the brunch, then they find out that the world may be coming to an end. This is another movie I didn't watch any of the previews for so I wasn't sure what to expect. I have to say that this is one of the funnies indi-comedies that I have seen and I laughed out loud just about the whole way through. The writing is so good and each character had his or her own little quirks which made it really fun to watch. This is the kind of movie where each joke builds on the next one and there is so much going on that you can't turn away nor do you want to. This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in awhile and I highly recommend seeing this. I loved it. Overall, another example of how the low budget under-the-radar movies are better then the big Hollywood blockbusters. I give it an A-.

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