Itaewon salinsageon

2009 [KOREAN]

Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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Joong-Ki Song as Jo Joong-pil
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel8 / 10


True life murder is puzzling and controversial to this day. Two 17 year old American friends blame each other for a random killing of a Korean student in a toilet in a hamburger joint in Seoul. Only 3 people were in the bathroom. So one of the 2 teens must have been the murderer. All the uncertainty of memories and perception come into play. Reminds of the Amanda Knox killing. Except one of them is the killer for sure.

Famous star Song Joong Ki in an early role as the victim. Usually sweet actor Jang Keun Guk shows a different side here as one of the suspects a half Mexican half Korean son of an American military contractor. A bit more background about the suspects would have helped.

Worth a watch. Read up about the murder details and the implications this movie had on what happened after that.

Reviewed by KineticSeoul4 / 10

I feel bad for the victims but as a movie...No attachment to the scenario or the characters

I was never a fan of Jang geun suk, nor did I like him much as an actor. But he is decent in this but his English threw me out of this movie. And despite the trailer and the poster making it seem like he is the main character in this movie. He is barely in it and most of the scenes are taken up by the guy that is trying to find out and get to the bottom of what really happened. And find the killer responsible. The thing is there is barely any attachment to any of the characters. Even when it comes to the victim, who got stabbed multiple times and killed. Nothing really made me focus and grab me with the situation at hand. Maybe slightly near the end but that is about it. And that is because of the victim's parents and family and what pain they must have gone through. Since there is no attachment to any of the characters and because people get killed all that time. It's sad but that is what happens around the world, but even one victim can lead a movie like this. But unfortunately that isn't the case for this flick. The two possible culprits gets caught early on and what drives the story is trying to find out which one is the one that actually did the killing. Despite the somewhat interest premise, since it's based on a true story it made me angry. Especially since foreigners like the culprits in this movie ruin chances for others to go and teach in other countries. And because of morons that are portrayed in this movie or just go and cause trouble. Has lead Korea too crack down and is way more strict with it's regulation of foreigners going to Korea in order to teach. And ruins it for people that genuinely want to teach, build friendships and have fun in a responsible manner. Anyways this is a boring movie that will make most audiences lose interest in it early on. The cast was good, especially the one that played the semi-retarded culprit. The story is choppy at places and the direction is overall just poorly done. The most positive thing that stood out though is how it shows how flawed the justice system is even in Korea. There is a bit more to this story that isn't shown in this movie since it came after 2009, which is the date this movie came out. And more of what happens comes after. I feel bad for the victims but as a movie this one is a poor crime mystery thriller.


Reviewed by elsamirre7 / 10


Despite being a fan of Jang keun Suk's, I can't add more stars.

The movie is well made. It has everything that should be there. But it remains plain, flat, with just a little highlight, half a twist, in the end. It didn't grab me.

JKS, his beautiful face and his astonishing acting skills brought me there. But what I saw was an American who didn't sound like one, and a guy who barely acted at all. He was almost invisible.

In this movie, no one (except the black guy) sounds like English is their mother language. It's really annoying and I think it hampered the performances. It's like listening to your GPS.

I would have expected at least some body language from JKS. No such thing. Maybe because his character is supposedly a psychopath who can't feel anything and doesn't care about anything. He does come to life when he demonstrates in which manner the victim was stabbed. And in the end, when he leaves, after showing his true colors, there is this smirk. This may have been the director's choice, or a will to stick to the real defendant's behavior.

Still. Watch Dexter. And then come back to this. You'll see what I mean. Most psychopaths know how to fake feelings and actually feel proud for fooling everybody. JKS could have done this easily. He's maybe the best actor I've seen on a screen. If the director wanted a statue or if JKS's English wasn't good enough, then they should have chosen someone else.

A pity. This role wasn't for him.

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