Invasion U.S.A.


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Richard Lynch as Mikhail Rostov
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing4 / 10

Miami Under Attack

One thing I will say about Invasion USA is that when the action gets going it doesn't let up. It's like watching an Indiana Jones movie that way.

The Russians have decided that the way to conqer Ajmerica is to spread naked terror. So several landing craft land one night in Florida and terrorists disembark. The idea is to spread chaos and mayhem with attacks on civilians in places that they congregate.

We however have Chuck Norris on our side, a mysterious agent who has some history with the terrorist Commie leader Richard Lynch. So whrever they strike in the Miami area, Norris is johnny on the spot and does them n at a prodigious rate.

Surprisingly for a Chuck Norris film little martial arts is used except in the end with his final confrontation with Lynch.

It's cinem paranoia at its finest. The best acting is done by Norris's pet armadillo.

Reviewed by MartinHafer2 / 10

Does any of this make sense???'s simply ugly and cruel from start to finish.

I never saw any of Chuck Norris' films until recently...with the exception of the two he made with Bruce Lee. And, when I finally got around to watching a couple, I was surprised that I actually enjoyed them. My third recent Norris film, however, was a violent, senseless mess....and that was "Invasion USA". After seeing it, I am not sure I wanna see any more of his films.

The film begins with some Soviets dressed up like they're the US Coast Guard. They stop a boat filled with boat people from, most likely, Cuba or the Dominican Republic (since they spoke Spanish)...and these Soviets just murder them all for kicks. They take the hidden drugs aboard and instead of just selling it to the drug dealers, they murder them. And, the film continues with much of the same...these Russian agents murdering people for kicks and in the most ridiculous manner...such as with bazookas!

Eventually, the leader of these scum attacks Hunter (Norris),as in a flashback you see that the psychotic leader of this group, Rostov (Richard Lynch),has a score settle with Hunter. They attack just after federal agents beg Hunter to find and destroy Rostov...something Hunter easily could have done long ago and he had a chance but was told NOT to. Despite the intensity of the attack on Hunter, Rotsov doesn't even bother looking to be sure they killed Hunter.

Then, after this failed attempt, a bunch of other random murders occur...such as Rostov's agents dressed up like cops wiping out a party by some Hispanic-Americans in Miami. And, they bazooka a home of a nice family preparing for Christmas. Then, they go to a shopping mall and mow down dozens--with machine guns, bazookas and the like. Then, Hunter arrives and the carnage is kicked up a few notches. All in all, it seemed VERY episodic and sadistic...just showing groups of folks getting murdered for seemingly no reason other than the audience's amusement.

You know that eventually there will be a big boss battle between Rostov and Hunter...which would have been entertaining. But all those innocent and non-innocent folks getting slaughtered was apparently just for our entertainment...which is just rather sick and nasty. If I see any more Norris films like this, I'm probably going to stop watching.

About the only thing I liked about this film is that it appeared as if Chuck Norris was doing all or most of his own stunts...which is pretty amazing and how the film managed to earn a 2. I can respect this while still having zero respect for the writing, directing and Norris' decision to make this mess. All in all, a very cruel and pointless film...with far LESS depth than most films in the genre.

Reviewed by Fluke_Skywalker5 / 10

Chuck pwns Communism

There's a 20-minute stretch in 'Invasion U.S.A.' where Chuck Norris' Matt Hunter character keeps showing up out of the blue to thwart various Commie terror attacks that his character would have had no clue were about to take place. We all know the real Chuck Norris is omniscient, but who knew that his characters were as well? 'Invasion U.S.A.' is high on dead bodies, and low on logic and common sense, but it's a fairly well made film from the technical side, and seeing Norris operate at the peak of his hairy-chested machismo is always a treat.

Best Chuckism; "If you come back in here, I'm gonna hit you with so many rights you're gonna be beggin' for a left.".

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