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based on mangalive action anime

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Kanata Hongô as Naoyuki Ando
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Takeru Satoh as Hiro Shishigami
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phanthinga10 / 10

The Inuyashiki is the definition of the term "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome"

I really enjoyed the Inuyashiki anime for it interesting spin on the old superhero tropes with a darker tone and a unique main character but in the end it just another anime that many people will forget as soon as a new hit come out and the problem here is because how faithful it is to the manga it based on. To be a faithful adaptation to the source material is usually a good thing and need to be celebrate but with Inuyashiki the thing that hold back the anime to become a classic is how everything that helps the plot and characters to progress makes absolute no sense and far too convenient also happened exactly like in the manga which piss me off so much. The live action directed by Shinsuke Sato in the other hand do not follow the manga and anime like a robot when the writer and the director actually care about the quality of the overall movie in stead of how the fans feel and deliver a fantastic retelling story of the good vs the evil with a more grounded and realistic story and to my surprise it works. An important character that badly undeveloped in the source material got more screen time to shine and although it not like something I have never seen before I'm just glad that they put in this time. The ending leaves an open for a sequel that I don't know how it gonna played out but that the beauty of doing your own thing so let's keep our fingers crossed everyone

Reviewed by net_orders6 / 10

It Is What It Is.

Good special effects (but very repetitive) and fine score/orchestra. Script has its moments as does direction and acting. Ending is really dragged out adding to an overly long movie. Viewed at JICC J-Film event. WILLIAM FLANIGAN

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks8 / 10

Good Enough

I was surprised by this movie. It was a great action movie, with a sci fi basis. The best part of it was the creation of the evil character. We could see the premisses of his evilness, but the events that followed sealed the deal. The good guy was a surprise as well. He was an unexpected hero as he had a difficult life as well, but he choose the other path. Other than that, the performances were really good and the CGI were decent enough. So, 8 out of 10.

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