Intimate Relations


Comedy / Drama

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post-war england

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Rupert Graves as Harold
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Undead_Master4 / 10

Captures your interest, but falls apart

This movie doesn't really have a hero... Everybody in the movie eventually does something that causes you to question their integrity or decency and you never really understand the underlying motivations causing the behavior. As a result, it's impossible to identify with any of the characters and the movie breaks down. A film without a hero is not necessarily a bad thing all by itself, but you have to handle it properly. In this case, they didn't.

It starts off well enough and plays through the first 30 or 40 minutes as a black comedy... Then things get darker and not so funny anymore and that is when the movie begins to fall apart. You can't really stop watching it but you wish you could and by the time it's over you wish you'd never started.

The ending, especially, leaves something to be desired.. You never really feel the ending coming and when it happens, it's not only a surprise, but a disappointing surprise. It fails to shed any light on the rest of the film. I like surprise endings most of the time, but in this case it just didn't work for me.

There are probably many people out there that would enjoy this movie, but personally I can't recommend it. It's well made, and well acted, but in the end, it is a disturbing disappointment.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson5 / 10

Has A Bizarre Feel

Harold Guppy leaves the navy and lodges with the Beasley family . Before he`s unpacked his case he`s bonking the middle aged Majorie Beasley and before he knows it the daughter , the thirteen year old Joyce Beasley is wanting a shot

Does this sound like a movie with a lot of potential of laughs ? I didn`t think so either but for some reason writer/director Philip Goodhew has gone all out to make INTIMATE RELATIONS a tragic black farce . I have to admit that I didn`t laugh once or even feel like smiling as I imagine was Goodhew`s intention , I just kept saying to myself " Gawd some people deserve to be strung up " , I can`t think of a movie I`ve seen recently with so many unlikable people . It should also be pointed out that the very serious ending jars with the saucy postcard humour of the rest of the film

I will give the director some credit for getting the best out of the cast . Rupert Graves manages to communicate the angst of his character Harold Guppy rather well while Julie Walters is also good as Majorie , but the late Laura Sadler is absolutely superb as young Joyce

But the cast are unable to stop me thinking that perhaps this is a movie that shouldn`t have been made , especially with its comedic feel

Reviewed by sundaygirl0510 / 10

One of the best movies I've seen

This movie is brilliant, really it is. The fact that it is based on a true story only adds to it and makes it that much better.

Basically, this movie is following Harold Guppy, a man who we want to like but does some pretty despicable things on our road to the ending. He seems like he's had quite a bit of trouble in his life (he lets us know in a discussion with his brother) and he wants to start fresh. This won't be the only time he has such ambitions.

Harold is immediately welcomed into a family who are looking to rent a room. Enter Julie Walters. Although it's a nice, friendly, relationship at first, Harold and Mrs. Beasley's relationship soon turn sexual (though he's in his 30's and she her 50's),where they even result in having sex in bed with Mrs. Beasley's (or as he calls her, Mum's) daughter Joyce.

Their relationship is smooth enough until Harold decides he wants to get out. Mum has this psychological control over him and it isn't healthy. They are now regularly sleeping together (with Joyce still in the bed) and Harold needs to get out of the situation. So he escapes, at least, for a while.

Soon enough Mum has control of him again, saying she'll tell the police that Harold sexually abused Joyce. So here he is again, back in Mum's control.

We are led to believe that Harold really is a good boy, just a weak one. We have compassion for him, as he really needs Mum (it's not as if he ever had one growing up),and he can't escape. But he must.

All the way to the end, we pity our Harold as everything falls apart. And it does fall apart for poor Harold.

This movie is sad in its simplicity and we do feel for many of the characters, Harold's brother and wife, Mum's children, Joyce, Mr. Beasley, the list goes on.

I'd suggest this movie a million times over. The film-maker films each shot so coldly, there never really is any sunshine, and everything seems so's reminiscent of the relationship Harold and Mum have. Icy.

Julie Walters and Rupert Graves deliver masterly performances, as well as the young girl who is Joyce. Congrats to everyone who worked on this film, it's amazing.

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