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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hof-43 / 10

Failed thriller

Infiesto is s small mining town in the province of Asturias, in northwest Spain. The time is the end of winter, a dark, rainy, melancholic season. The lead characters are Inspector Samuel (male) and Subinspector Castro (female). The movie opens with the roadside appearance of a teenager, alive, kidnapped long ago and presumed dead.

The first half is rather good; it shows routine police work with frustrating leads, abundance of dead ends and uncooperative witnesses. It also shows in passing the heavy industry that pollutes the air and defiles the verdant, idyllic landscapes of Asturias with open pits, denuded hillsides and smokestacks.

However, the story veers midway into horror movie territory. Improbabilities and impossibilities pile up and, what could have been a good police procedural slides into the (unintentionally) funny. Direction, cinematography and acting are good, but they can's cope with the material. The time frame of the action is the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and this is brought into play but is mostly inessential to the action.

I was intrigued by the choice of a town with the strange name Infiesto. It is close to infesto (I infest) and to Infierno (hell),both pertinent to the happenings in the movie.

Reviewed by gabriel_sanchez5 / 10

Flat and exploitative

The plot follows the investigative police thriller style. We accompany detectives Samuel and Castro around the municipality of Piloña, Spain, in their investigation. However, the plot itself is simple and devoid of twists. Its linearity becomes an issue when we reach the climax.

Part of the premise is that the investigation takes place at the time of the COVID pandemic, but that doesn't affect the plot. The pandemic is just a backdrop to the plot, present but indifferent. The plot tries to place the pandemic as a relevant factor, to the point of counting the days of confinement at the time when curfews and quarantines came into effect worldwide; the pandemic context seems to be just an artifice to attract an audience; the plot would remain the same without the pandemic.

In the end, the feeling is one of exploitation, a twist that feels forced. Nothing in the plot indicates that that would be the end, the plot just plays a trick, an Ex-Machina that connects all the points, leaving us with the bitter taste of disassociation. The insinuations, the theories, all falls flat.

The name of the film can only be premeditated. Infest.

With a linear and simplistic plot, marked by a meaningless and calculated twist, and appropriating a historical moment that does not interfere with the plot, Infiesto should only be proud of its sepia cinematography of a decrepit Spanish region. The atmosphere is tense and suffocating, but the story is thin.

Reviewed by Pairic8 / 10

Noir Covid Thriller

Infiesto: What at the outset looks like a film about a serial killer/kidnapping ring morphs into a Spanish Folk Horror thriller. It begins in march 2020 just as the covid lockdowns were first implemented. A girl who has been missing for nearly 3 months suddenly turns up. She has escaped from her abductors but is traumatised, remembers little. Two detectives who themselves are suffering from family separation due to the quarantines and curfews investigate the case and soon connect it to other missing young people. Strange characters are encountered and the obvious assumption is that a people trafficking gang is at work. But strange symbols are observed and the words of suspects suggest that a Cult with a hidden leader is involved. Sacrifices to appease an Old God, the coming of The End Times are all in the mix with the pandemic itself. The Asturias mountains where the detectives hunt for the Cult members and their victims provide a stark and eerie background. From old farm barns through the woods and pursuit along narrow roads, Cultists determined not to be taken alive must be pursued. Quite violent and gory in parts but much of the horror is psychological. This film could have been fleshed out and would have benefited from a twenty minute extension to it's 97 minute running time. Written and directed by Patxi Amezcua. On Netflix. 8/10.

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