Infamously in Love


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Jennifer Freeman as Ivy Rose
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arfranklin-7170910 / 10


One of those feel-good roms that just makes your day better. Charming cast, great story. And (Finally) an earned relationship by the end!!

The Karina character is the perfect comic relief and the chemistry between the two leads is undeniable. I completely understand why Jen Freeman works so much. She's so compelling to watch!!

The movie really sings once they enter the small town. I felt myself wanting to hang out with these three characters. They were such a sweet & fun friend group.

Kudos to the writing. So often rom-coms rely on tropes or weird set pieces (can we retire the flash mob please??) to manufacture connection. This one was all about the relationship building.

Definitely adding to my rewatch list.

Reviewed by toncincin1 / 10

So bad ...

I never really expect much from movies airing on UpTV - but this one is the low-of-the-lows. The acting - if we can call it that - is deplorable. The lead actress is very pretty - but she cannot act her way out of a paper bag. The lead male - while more believable - is only a step above. It's like they all are simply reading their lines. Just uncomfortable. I tried to watch it before bedtime - talk about making me want to go to sleep. I resorted to finishing it while doing sone cross-stitch. Another one to have on if you just need some background noise. It was just AWFUL. UpTV needs to do better.

Reviewed by SoftheD9 / 10

So good

I love these hallmark style romcoms. I find them oddly comforting. And this one was super clever. The leads actually had chemistry and I truly couldn't wait for them to finally kiss at the end... for the second time! Love the name of Ivys song - party time (it's time to party) - very fun. The whole film had that vibe. Dug it! Liked both the leads but the main actress is a star.

Also I don't know if dear point is a real place but I loved the vibe. And the throwback record store made me super nostalgic. And also a backyard date under the stars eating burgers is my personal dream so thank you for making me feel seen!

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