In the Line of Duty: Hunt for Justice


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Stephen Root Photo
Stephen Root as Jaan Laaman
Dean Norris Photo
Dean Norris as Levasseur
John Carroll Lynch Photo
John Carroll Lynch as The Major
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Adam Arkin as Agent Gabriel Valentino
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca5 / 10

Average scripting with a great cast

HUNT FOR JUSTICE is one of many TV movies from the IN THE LINE OF DUTY series, all of them based on fact. Each film is fairly low budget and plays out events in a grittily realistic way and this one is no exception. The hunt is on for a gang of terrorists who have murdered a cop in the line of duty, and middle-aged Adam Arkin is leading the squad. The best thing about this film is the cast which is made up of endless familiar faces. Miguel Ferrer, Dean Norris, John Carroll Lynch, Melissa Leo and Stephen Root are welcome presences in any production and they're typically solid here, making this more watchable than most TV movies despite the deficiencies of the scripting.

Reviewed by Booyah9 / 10

Good entertainment

It's a TV movie,you should expect that there aren't going to be mind-blowing special effects.

And, to be honest, this movie is a bit weird in that the cops are relentlessly hunting "good bad guys." The "terrorists" are a freedom front that wants to destroy the means of production of certain companies for political reasons, but they try to make sure no one gets hurt (which, of course, backfires). So it's hard to "root for" the cops because the movie makes you sympathize with the terrorists and their families: ordinary people in almost every sense.

Arkin and Turturo provide good performances...Stephen Root (also of Newsradio) is very good in a much different role than people are used to seeing him in. Miguel Ferrer is decent.

Reviewed by ShelbyTMItchell4 / 10

Usual Cops Vs Feds Stuff!

Really even though as one reviewer says that the terrorists despite being what they were, despite doing wrong and were in need of being brought to justice. Came off with sympathy and had families that they wanted to feed. Even though you weren't suppose to sympathize with them.

It is the arrogant attitude of the feds that ruined the movie for it seems people like m.

Arkin's arrogant agent, as all federal agents that Hollywood makes them out to be butted heads with state cop Turturro. As he threatened to arrest Turturro but Arkin was really interfering into not letting Turuturro do his job.

Even though it started out with them butting heads, Arkin realized he needed the state cop's help and in the end, they worked out well. As Turturro knows the place and if they had an agent that was from there, it might had helped despite Arkin's character being from Boston.

Really it proved it was the typical cops vs feds stuff. Not good but not bad.

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