In the Grayscale

2015 [SPANISH]

Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by derrickluciano9 / 10

A Long Bridge to Cross

Usually, an individual will find his sexuality black and white, but for some people like Bruno, it's "in the grayscale".

Bruno, a successful married architect with one kid, is struggling internally and opted to separate temporarily from wife to stay at his grandpa's house, while doing design work (a monument building project) for his client. He meets Fer, his tour guide who showed him some building concept ideas around the city. Then, he starts to explore his hidden sexuality. Throughout the film, we become a voyeur and see his loneliness, confusion and his indecision, consequently affecting the people around him.

A number of gay themed films have tackled sexual confusion/ambiguity. This one works quite well as a moderately-paced film, just allowing characters to develop. Music is minimal, you can hear only some ambient bar music. Natural acting among the main leads: we love Bruno's talking eyes and restrained acting and we celebrate Fer's openly gay persona. Most of the characters here are imperfect but understanding people we see everyday.

It's the director's debut feature film, and award-winning at that. Highly recommended.

I can sympathize with Bruno since he was brought up dreaming of only "romantic tales between a man and a woman." His bridge is a long one to cross. And when he gets there, we hope that it would be a more meaningful and happier place than where he is now.

Reviewed by billy_dana7 / 10

Beautiful movie that has challenges

This film starts strong. It's beautifully filmed, the acting for the most part is very strong, the writing is clean and crisp - there is very little to complain about technically. I also really like the way the primary relationship in the story grows and develops. The two characters are very different, and those differences help fuel some outstanding moments of exchange between the two principal characters.

Having said all that the film seems to peter out at the end! The lead character is in conflict with himself, but the way story just seems to sputter to an end is frustrating. No, not all stories have to end with a bow, no doubt - but this seems to just awkwardly terminate.

I still highly recommend the story, and I look forward to this director's next effort - very much worth watching.

Reviewed by bisslestefan5 / 10

The director was as lost as the main Character

Well, there is not a single likeable main character, which isn't required for a movie to be "good" but is necessary when the story is drenched in self-pity and a narcissistic main character.

The entire film has two well done scenes. Bruno with his grandfather, Toto, in the car and Bruno with his wife in the tent.

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