In Gold We Trust

2010 [FRENCH]


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Reviewed by martenot4 / 10

Full of incongruities

How can a director put so much effort and money in a movie while overlooking so many factual mistakes?! There are at least a dozen of them. Reminds me of the worst Hollywood movies where good guys shoot dozens of bad guys without being hit once (it happens once in this movie and the rest is as surreal as that). I like the actors individually, I've seen them in many movies, but this one is just not made for them: they all play their role badly. They are as much unfit for the movie as the scenario is riddled with incongruities. Next time, please Mr. Director, take some more time and make the movie accurate and believable.

Reviewed by jotix1004 / 10

All that glitters....

The story, set in French Guyana, is an exercise in what not to do when making action movies. For starters, the plot is not too credible. Just to think anyone could pull such a robbery in broad light in a highly guarded place, and get away with it, must be either naive to a fault, or someone that realizes his days are numbered. Add to that a trek through a jungle where all kinds of dangers await people bold enough to try it, is a raving maniac.

Director Eric Besnard wanted to make an action film that capitalized on the allure of stealing 600 kilos of gold and getting away with it. Well, just the weight of the precious metal alone would have proved this enterprise impossible, but as thrillers go, the four man and a woman will be able to carry on the caper. The adventurers find out the folly of their enterprise as the jungle takes care to bring them back to reality.

The only known figure for us is Clovis Cornillac, who will not add anything to his film career by appearing in the film. One can only hope the cast and crew had a nice vacation in Cayenne.

Reviewed by myriamlenys6 / 10

that yellow devil, gold

A group of adventurers perform a heist on a gold mining plant. They intend to flee to nearby Brazil, but their helicopter gets badly damaged. After an emergency landing they find themselves stranded deep in the heart of the jungle, together with a much-coveted cargo of gold bars...

The movie highlights an important problem, to wit the high ecological cost of gold mining. These last decades Guyana has been flooded with illegal gold miners who use toxic products, destroy the primeval jungle and hunt rare animals. (Legal goldmining is supposed to be safer, although I would hesitate to give it a certificate of virginal innocence.) As is often the case, this kind of crime is closely linked to other forms of criminality such as human trafficking, prostitution, bribery, fiscal fraud and money laundering. There is also a detrimental impact on the local population, which gets kicked off ancestral lands or has to navigate between rival gangs of great violence and callousness.

So the movie certainly deserves credit for pointing out the various social and environmental ills of Guyana, quite a lot of which are caused by hyper-civilized Westerners laughing all the way jusqu'à la banque. The movie is also notable for its beautiful scenery, which was filmed with a great deal of love and competence : the jungle has rarely been more magical.

I can see where the various makers were trying to go here - one of the great crime or adventure movies of the 1960's and 1970's, with stars like Belmondo, Delon or Ventura. Sadly "600 kilos" neglects to create characters that are living, breathing people you care about. As a result you don't worry too much about the characters living or dying. When one of these characters vanishes with the rose, you don't think something like "What a tragedy, Jean-Paul was still suffering over the death of his wife, how are his three children going to cope ?", you think "Was this the short-tempered guy with the beard, or the other short-tempered guy with the beard ?"

Well, next time better I suppose...

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