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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vincedeehan8 / 10

A superb drama about gay men and rugby

I was very lucky to be at the second public screening of IN FROM THE SIDE at the BFI Flare Film Festival at BFI Southbank in London on Saturday. March 26th 2022. The world premiere was the night before.

I was blown away by this film. At first it seems like the film is about two gay men who have an affair, but there is so much more going on in this highly engaging film.

The film grabs your attention from the start and holds it throughout what is actually rather a long film, but it didn't feel a single moment was wasted. I found I was totally engaged with the story and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

The rugby scenes are so well filmed that you actually feel you are on the pitch, right in the thick of the action. You can feel every thump and the mud!

Having spent about a year as a beginner to rugby, training with an inclusive rugby team in London, the Kings Cross Steelers, I can vouch that all the scenes centred around the workings of the club and the scenes in the clubhouse after the matches, rang absolutely true.

The script is superb and there are some really funny lines in the film that are very well delivered by the very talented actors. The film also took me by surprise and got me choked up with emotion at many points, in the second half of the film. I almost burst into tears at a couple of scenes towards the end. I won't say which ones, you'll have to experience it for yourself!

The film also has many great moments of humour. The packed house at the screening were roaring with laughter at many points, which is a joy to experience at the cinema. Something you really miss out on, when watching a film at home.

The film was shown on a really big screen and this made the whole experience very immersive.

The film ends with a really funny scene which I won't spoil, but leaves the audience with a big smile on their face.

I was absolutely bowled over when the end credits started and there was some superb animation, which I really wasn't expecting. As the credits rolled, I could see that the film's director Matt Carter not only co-wrote the script, but was also the cinematographer and composed the music and sang the superb end theme song! He also did the animation sequence too and the special effects and probably lots of other jobs. What a hugely talented man. I predict a great future for him!

The audience response was rapturous, and I am not exaggerating. There was a whole lot of love for the film coming from the audience.

The whole cast and crew did a superb job. I've never seen a film like this before, where being a gay man was so well explored and from such a unique perspective.

I think this film will appeal to a very wide audience and may also show people that gay men come in all shapes and sizes and can't be easily fitted into standard stereotypes. We are just as diverse as everyone else and just trying to live life as best we can.

It's a really fun film. Please look out for it and enjoy!

Best wishes to everyone involved in the film.

Reviewed by mick1186 / 10

Good cinematography, little substance

Cinematography and acting: good

Music: too much it's distracting, often not even fitting the scene and overly dramatic

Script: that's where the film really lacks. Characters are not only unidimensional but not really likeable either. They are self centered and douchy. Their respective partners are non existant, except for being people they don't care about. Their decisions don't make sense with a number of clichés. We don't understand or feel why they are into each other, the only thing they do is have sex (we get it) and fight, there's no substance and the melo drama is forced... With this cast and cinematography it could have been much better. The one likeable and funny character is Pinky!

Reviewed by steve-6133310 / 10

Great Film would watch it again

I waited to see this film for years knowing how it progressed from "request for support" to "filming" then "editing" and now "on the screen".

The film has so many layers and aspects from humour to modern day relationships to challenges that many people face in the world.

I would pay to watch it again (saw it at the BFI) and would buy it on DVD.

As a keen cinema-attendee it ranks just as high with films produced from Marvel and others.

There are so many "messages" that can be learnt from the film so well done on the director, script writer, actors and all those involved.

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