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a cry for...

Help from the ones who gives help to the ones who gets help , and a big big cry to the leaders of a culture that doesnt have any remorse or empathy unless youre insured and able to pay the bills. to see a film like this ,being a medical nurse myself is like viewing a scifi horror movie, and i shall admit that this is what have made me evade the emergency room work by all mens. therefore i will recommend everybody to take a look at this hairraising occupational hardships that health personel goes through at a daily basis, yes on a daily basis i repeat, because they do their best to save peoples lives, and also let people sleep in and die when they need to and every hope is gone. remember that a nurse is just a human being too, and the nurse earns 3-100 times less than any doctor does.

also the fact that the e.r. has become the most important primacry health care giver, just shows everyone that this system is out of date and that life and death is controlled by the shareholders payout check, is not the way a general health care system should work.

i think the amendments of u.s.a. does not protect peoples rights to recieve health and stay healthy. and i guess the only way back is like president. roosevelt once said in a famous speak in 2ndn world war,'' look to norway''... it aint perfect here either, but the safetynet and velfare paid through high taxes does work well, and each time a private entreprise tries to make money here they usually fails, and god bless them for that... the care for mentally ill is a scapegoat in norwegian velfare system, when decimating the hospital system in the 80's and 90's and moving care over to the counties has been a thorn in the eye and too many slithered wrists of suicides over the years.

i dont say that its perfect over here either but its well worth every tax crown i pay for free medicine and care with a paythreshold of 250$ per yer of selfcoverage, and when the limits reached its fairly easy piecy. ive been cronic ill over 30 years and ive calculated that i get 5:1 for what i pay of my income tax., no insurance needed, and no pain in the a..e here any longer...

this was a grumpy and grumsy spelled and bad written norwenglish, but i suppose everyone knows what i talking about, its a brilliant documentary, kept me nailed to my seat, so a big recommend from the grumpy old man and nurse, and thanks to the people willing to take part in and the daring documenterers entering the war zone at all levels.

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