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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by epiceffectss1 / 10

Dyer your the man but this is poor

Let me start by saying Danny Dyer is one the UKs best action actors , he's up there with your Statham , with your Vinnie Jones , with your Guy Richie. But this film is awful. Thank god he got the Eastenders role, Danny you need to hold onto that my son. The plot of this film is so bad , acting wasn't good either from any of the other main actors. Danny boy plays a romantic wet love interest to a mad woman. Wasn't feeling this film at all , no bad boy Dyer action either , none of his usual bad man attitude which Danny can usually portray so well . For Danny it's easy to do the whole badman thing because its not acting , for him it's real life , it's who he is , it's the air that he breathes. He breathes in oxygen but he exhales badman. Lets hope that DD comes out with some new material soon as this film just doesn't do him justice , he is a legend , an unsung hero of the UK and he could still break Hollywood. We saw Statham do it , we saw Christian Bale do it , seriously isn't it about we send him nuclear and get him to kick some USA butt ? Come on Danny your the reason I watched this film , your the reason I left school aged 14 , your the reason my girlfriend left me ... Make my year D and goto Hollywood and follow your dreams bro.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca2 / 10

Good...if you like films where nothing happens

BLOODSHOT is an intense, would-be psychological thriller along the lines of the FATAL ATTRACTIONs of old. It's a low budget British romp, set and filmed in London, and it features a maverick special effects technician (played in his customary style by Danny Dyer) who rescues a confused young woman on the street and takes her back to his place. She ends up living with him, and a blossoming romance develops between the pair...

Much of BLOODSHOT consists of scenes which go nowhere only to develop the slowest-moving narrative either. There are lots of horror elements in the script, from Dyer's ultra-gory work as a SFX guy to some absolutely ludicrous nightmare sequences that look like they belong in a cheap Jess Franco movie, but in terms of actual plotting and incident little happens. The scriptwriter is content to keep you guessing, building up to what I hoped would be a huge pay-off at the climax.

Except that pay-off never happens; the story just fizzles away, leaving this a film as a whole where nothing happens. It's almost entirely without merit; the technical values are reasonable, but the acting is pretty diabolical. Dyer is his usual self but it's Zoe Grisedale who comes off the worst, looking completely out of her depth in such a demanding role. A couple of British film regulars appear here and there (Craig Conway and Keith Allen) but they add little to what is in essence a non-starter of a film.

Reviewed by leonblackwood1 / 10

Waste of time! 1/10

Review: What a load of rubbish! Right from the beginning, when Dyer meets the girl in the woods, I thought the plot was strange because she was acting really weird but he still took her back to his place. From there, the girl keeps on doing strange things but he still puts up with her rubbish, no matter how odd her sketchy past sounds. The acting was pretty poor and the storyline was completely ridiculous. The poster and the title, Bloodshot, is very misleading because the whole film is based around the relationship between Dyer and this strange girl. When. The plot unfolds, the film just seems like a waste of time and it wasn't that well thought through by the director. Disappointing!

Round-Up: Although Danny Dyer does show some emotion in this movie, it doesn't save this badly made, pointless film which had no way to go right from the beginning. I was hoping for a major twist which would have made the film slightly interesting, but it's very one toned and pretty boring. I don't know why the director chose to make Dyer sound gay and the Drew Barrymore looking female character seemed to over act all the way through the film. Anyway, this just has to be yet another bad day at the office for Dyer, but at least he has Eastenders to fall back on.

I recommend this movie to people who are into their strange dramas about a man who helps a woman whilst jogging in the park and ends up falling in love with her, even though she has a sketchy past. 1/10

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