2004 [FRENCH]

Action / Animation / Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten43%
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Charlotte Rampling Photo
Charlotte Rampling as Elma Turner
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Thomas Kretschmann as Nikopol
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Jean-Louis Trintignant as Jack Turner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CelluloidRehab6 / 10

Mixed bag...

The story revolves around New York City in the late 21st Century (2090 or so). There is a contrast between the live action, the really stunning CG and the CG that looks like some PC game I played 5 years ago. I think the movie would have been better if it was all done in CG (ie. Final Fantasy). Nonetheless, it looks similar to other European sci-fi movies (think of the Fifth Element). The first 1/2 of the movie, I was wondering what was going on. There seemed to be events that were happening, with little explanation as to why or what. There was very little background provided for the world we are dropped in (I think reading the trilogy of the comic might help in watching this movie). We are given hints that people are now more cyborg than human, corruption has increased, there seems to be non-human class discrimination, and there is a pyramid hanging over the city. While this movie has an interesting storyline and is obviously deeper than movies like the Fifth Element, the lack of character/background development ultimately hurt this movie. I was left to interpret the majority of the movie based on my own background rather than what was happening before me. I am a little disappointed. I was so interested in seeing this movie after I saw the trailer. I am going to read the Nikopol trilogy to see if my understanding and appreciation of this movie improves.

-Celluloid Rehab

Reviewed by Pingo-27 / 10

More structured than the comics...

Enki Bilal's film version of his excellent comic from more than 20 years ago, is a more coherrent and better structured story than what we read in the graphic novels.

The same images are here, in the film, as in the comic. That's very good, and works well. Some scenes are almost taken directly from the comic, as when Horus help Nikopol for the first time in the subway.

The world is more detailed in the film and the story is now more tightly spun around Jill, Horus and Jill's friend John - plus of course Nikopol who serve as the spider in this web.

Many here complain over the computer animations. Especially when it comes to some of the cast. I can only say that it is was a sad decision to create the senator and his two friends as computer animations, since live actors would probably been a wiser decision. It had helped the movie flow a little bit more, and we hadn't been so hung up on that they actually were computer animated. However, after a while, it works and we don't care too much about it. They have so little screen time anyway.

Horus is also animated, but since he's a God, it doesn't matter. And he's better done too. All the other animations are just splendid and work wonders for this graphical and visually stunning film.

Immortel is a very nice film with a better story than I thought. I was expecting a difficult and completely un-logical version of the comic - since I've read the reviews - but what we have here is actually a nice and very good movie, told beautifully.

If you haven't read the graphic novels, I suggest you find a copy or two and read them. They are a good introduction to this weird sci-fi world, and it is probably easier to understand the overall theme if you have read them. However, don't get disappointed when some story elements don't show up in the film. (I especially missed the hockey-game!)

I sincerely hope that Enki Bilal makes more movies like this one, or even a sequel. I would really like to know what happens next... Enki Bilal's mind is beautiful - and this film will be a classic within a few decades. For now, it's just a little bit too before its time to be taken the way it should. But soon, people will discover it and see the nice little details that lay inside the world of future New York.

I give it a 7 of 10. I would have given it higher if it wasn't for some bad animations and that I didn't like the way they plotted the sharp-teethed alien that I never remember the name of. :-)

Reviewed by MartinHafer2 / 10

This film looks as if many, many details were never really worked out and leaves many viewers confused or frustrated

At 5.9, the current overall rating for this film seems far better than it should simply from its many, many technical problems. Yet, inexplicably, many have given it reviews and scores of 10--which is NOT really possible given the unfinished and hastily slapped together look of much of the film. Sure, I could understand someone liking it--but a 10 for a film that is essentially incomplete?! No way! Before I even attempt to discuss the plot (no small feat, by the way),let's talk about the unfinished look. I assume that the film makers had serious financial problems and filmed part of the film using live actors AND state of the art CGI. Yes, many of these scenes are beautifully rendered by brilliant computer artists. And yet, although there are these lovely scenes, many, many other scenes are completed using what appears to be 1st generation computer graphics--like bad cut scenes from a Play Station 1 game. In these hastily slapped together scenes, the lips and facial expressions are so flat and unreal that it just looks cheap and awful. Watching the film inexplicably switch back and forth from great scenes to ultra-crappy scenes graphically was confusing and irritating. As I said above, it sure looked like they were running out of money and just decided to slap together rotten and exceptional computer generated images.

As for the plot....well, it stinks. That's because although many of the ideas and images are exciting, way too much in the film is unexplained--even though I adore sci-fi I just couldn't help but dislike it because it was so confusing. The film is set in a dystopian future (a concept I like in sci-fi) but why the future is so bleak and why people look like bizarre Mr. Potatohead (of a fashion) is beyond me. What I mean by Potatohead is that almost every one in the film has a face made up of bits and pieces of new parts--noses, chunks of flesh, etc. that are not original.

Here are some more plot ideas in the film that are never really explained:

There are "humans and non-humans" and yet they all appear humanoid--what did they mean?! And what's with all the medical experimentation and imprisonment of many of these beings?

What's with Nikopol?! What exactly is his revolutionary movement all about and if he's so freaking dangerous to the powers that be, why is he even alive? Plus, is the government evil or not--it's really not clear if it is and who you should root for in the film.

Why does Horus have to die? Why do Sekmet and Anubis get to live? Why inject the Egyptian gods into the film? And, if you do, why do it the way they did?! First, STARGATE already took on the Egyptian god angle so this part of the film seems "borrowed". Second, when the giant floating pyramid appears above New York, no one seems THAT upset by this even though they deny that space travel exists and the ship is responsible for a lot of chaos.

Who, exactly is the blue lady?! Where does she come from and who is her cloaked friend?! Is she a Smurf?

Why does the leader of whatever organization is chasing Nikopol have such a lumpy and bumpy head?! It looks like he was animated by a drunk man.

Who or what exactly are these creatures that look like a combination of hammerhead sharks and devils? They're called Dayaks but the back story is missing. There's some mention of them being wiped out in "the riots" many years before but that's all.

There are many, many other confusing elements of the film, but the main plot itself is also a doozy. Here goes my attempt to understand what I saw....The film begins with Smurfette (Jill) on a cargo ship heading for execution or medical experiments or I don't know what. She goes nuts and is restrained after she hurts a lot of people. However, inexplicably, a doctor insists this apparently dangerous blue lady be released to her custody and Smurfette behaves quite nicely for her. At the same time, the Egyptian gods Anubis (with a jackal head) and Sekmet (with a cat head) tell Horus (with a falcon's head) that he'll be dead in one week. So, he leaves the confines of their floating ship (naked) and wrecks havoc and destruction--blowing up helicopters and making people 'splode. Eventually he takes over the body of a revolutionary who is in suspended animation and makes him find Smurfette--at which time Horus makes this couple have sex repeatedly (making this a film you should NOT let your kids see--it's just too violent and sexual). Then, a lumpy-headed and Asian lady appear (complete with CGI done by a 3rd grader) and announce that "Nikopol has escaped" and they unleash some slightly annoying characters to kill Nikopol--though none of them seem to have a prayer to harm him, Horus or Smurfette. Then, Horus eventually dies after Smurfette is impregnated by him, Nikopol goes back to jail for one year and the bad guys snuff it--though you still aren't sure why these are the bad guys.

Sounds confusing?! You betcha! Had the film been a series or mini-series and actually not left a million and one dangling plot elements, it might have been worth seeing. As is, it's confusing, cheap and just not worth your time even if you are like me and love sci-fi. I only gave it a 2 because a few of the well made scenes were cool and the ideas (though poorly executed) were occasionally interesting despite the film makers' attempts to make the film unwatchable). Don't believe the ratings, as this is a bad and ultimately unsatisfying film.

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