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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dobraashe8 / 10

Excellent except for one flaw...

I really wanted to like this movie. It was a slow burn that was intense, atmospheric, and had me on the edge of my seat...

The acting was excellent by all the actors. I watched in the original Spanish with English subtitles. I find dubbing loses a lot of the emotion.

That said, the only problem I have with this otherwise wonderful movie is how the two adult daughters were depicted. They looked like they were in their early twenties (possibly university or grad students) but they had the maturity and street smarts of 4th graders. They were embarrassingly naive for their gender, age, and the modern day setting of the film. Women have a 6th sense for danger when it comes to men - especially physically unattractive men.

IMO, the characters' actions would have been more believable if perhaps they were young sons in their late teens/twenties (who are less risk averse) or even much younger daughters in junior high school. I'm reminded young Juliette Lewis' brilliant portrayal of a naive but curious daughter in Cape Fear (1991).

Other than that, it was a very well made movie!

Reviewed by OJT5 / 10

Good nerve, and many regrets

It is impossible to watch Immersion by Nic Postiglione without thinking about Roman Polanskis debut feature Knife in the Water.

Most of the story goes on during a boat trip, where there is danger lurking.

This Chelean/Mexcan movie tells the story about a father and his two daughters on a boat trip, where they try to avoid to save a group of three men seemingly about to go under with their boat.

He re-decides, and goes on to save them, something which turns the trip into a nightmare.

Well played out, mysterious, and nerve wrenching - a thriller which feels very true, and still a little unfulfilling.

The whole thing is about the nerve here, and it works pretty well.

Reviewed by soniasantana-837021 / 10

Not worth

This movie is so insane! Not worth to see , because the movie goes around around and nothing happens! So strange and nonsense! My adviser dont see and dont lost time with these movie, we lost few hours and for nothing ! If do u dont have nothing to do , dont watching , move On and find something better to watching ! Dont lost ur time ! Just turn off or go to sleep. Or go to have a dinner outside and dont lost ur time ! And the daughter is so nonsense and does not respected her father and put all family in trouble and the movei is so boring ! Sorry about my comment , but is really truly! Bye for now.

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