I'll Meet You There


Action / Drama

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Faran Tahir as Majeed
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Aneesha Joshi as Sarah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by digdog-785-7175381 / 10

masterpiece? i think not

See all those 10/10 reviews ? Click on the username. Notice how they all have maybe a few weeks of IMDb registration and only one review - this film. What level of confidence in their own product did the filmmakers have, if they had to pay for "sponsored reviews" ?

Frankly, I'll Meet You There is dead in the water because it commits the worst sin of filmmaking - it's boring. It's the boring story of an older father trying to cope with young liberalism, a theme that has been used far better in other films, and, it also thinks it's subtle, and clever, while in fact it's bland and boring. Did i mention it's boring?

If you fancy watching an "ethnic" film and want the same - but better - story, then the vastly superior Bend It Like Beckham should do.

My vote: 1/10 - get fake reviews, earn fake vote.

Reviewed by ops-525356 / 10

a sigh of...

Frustration, the battle between young and old, east and west, religions, culture, sexualism and sekularism in the pakistani ghettos in the urban environment of usa's chicago.

a girl want to dance, but that strikes against her granddads way of reading the quuran and living a pure life of islam, so its the battle set to justify her life and her dance.

its technically not a 8th wonder of the world, the editing aint steady and some scenes seems malplaced according to the way i read the plot. but its a low cost production, basicly made on pure will, and do send the message in a way that will provoke and disharmonate the socalled harmony. its also a finger pointed towards american suspiscion, counterterrorism and being a muslim living or trying to visit the freedom nation number 1.

the grumpy old man do see the the fist in their making, and may agree to the hypocritical critique against this and that. if youre in for the dance there aint much to see, but the danceuse do have a shining light of beauty in her. so a small recommend.

Reviewed by zathan-328484 / 10

not good, not bad

The story being told could be told a lot better. This movie is about a strong very secular young girl being dragged into religion and looking for answers in a religous book. When living your whole life secular it seems a bit week that the quran should make a difference in such a short time due a visit from a relative. acting is mediocre, plot very thin and can she even dance? The movie should bring out a stronger passion for dancing than it does

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