If Cats Disappeared from the World


Action / Drama / Fantasy

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Takeru Satoh as Postman / Devil
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Reviewed by tenshi_ippikiookami6 / 10

We would have no cats

A young man falls from his bike and at the hospital gets the news that he has only, at most, one week to live. However, when he arrives at home, he finds someone waiting for him. This someone looks exactly like him. Surprised, he strikes a conversation with this being, not knowing if it is a devil or what. The doppelganger tells him he is going to die the following day. And then offers him a bargain: the creature will give him an extra day to live in exchange for something disappearing from the world.

From here on we have our hero, played with a touch of naivety and innocence by Takeru Satoh, learning about the importance of relationships and people in life. It is not the things that may disappear, but how they help him to connect with the rest of the world. Of course, he learns a couple of things along the way.

The movie touches on what makes us human and relate to each other. It has its heart in the right place, and reminds the viewer that we are not alive just because we eat and sleep. However, on the down side, it gets cheesier and cheesier and a little bit of a tearjerker along the way, stretching the story a little bit thin.

If you like your movies with a side dish of tissues, you will love "If Cats Disappeared from the World".

Reviewed by hasanchdhr10 / 10

A really good movie

This movies will change the way you think about living your life, it touched my heart and gave me unexpected happinesses

Reviewed by guillembescos10 / 10

Touching movie

"If Cats disappeared from the world", the movie that kept me 2 times in the sofa strongly tied with this beautiful and touching soundtrack and its simple argument. You are human, so you will emphasize with the character.

Highly recommended movie

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