Ice Blue


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wandernn1-81-6832743 / 10

I Really Didn't Get It. Maybe I'm Slow.

This movie had so many shallow characters in it it was really disappointing . It SEEMS like it's a story about a father trying to raise his daughter after the wife / mother has died. I don't want to give too much away. The 'thriller' part of the movie is as the story slowly gets revealed. But the characters introduced just all seem worthless. It's really hard to feel much empathy for any of them. And the ending? Well....I guess I need that one explained to me. Cannot recommend it.

Reviewed by ferdmalenfant1 / 10

Not a Horror flick at all

This is a extremely long, slow and pointless snooze fest. I can't imagine why this was listed as a Horror film and not a Drama Wannabe film. It's just plain boring. Nothing and I do mean NOTHING ever happens.

Reviewed by jhr20121 / 10

Incredibly boring movie

I keep waiting for something of substance to happen but.......nothing. You don't know much about the characters and what you do know doesn't make them any more likable.

What kind of mom leaves her child for years? Not a very good one.

Pass on this snore fest.

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