Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / History

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Joey King Photo
Joey King as Beaver Girl
Queen Latifah Photo
Queen Latifah as Ellie
Kristen Wiig Photo
Kristen Wiig as Pudgy Beaver Mom
Simon Pegg Photo
Simon Pegg as Buck
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joiningjt9 / 10

Nothing short of awesome!! Great 3d bluray as well!!

Just an overall perfect family movie but adults can enjoy it as well and simon pegg as buck was a great addition. My wife and I watched this film just us 2 old farts and we enjoyed the heck out of it. We own the 3d bluray yes we're the few the proud the extinct the 3d LOVERS !! Cant understand why more people didn't give it a go some of the bluray movie we own I cant imagine not being 3d!! Gravity is a 7. Hut as a 3d it's a 10!! Even titanic was better in 3d!! And avatar forget it. A 3d MASTERPIECES!! Anyway enjoy bvb this movie it's a blast!!

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-110 / 10

'Ice Age' Getting Better & Better

Frankly, I was shocked this movie was so good. I mean, sequels aren't supposed to this entertaining, are they? This Ice Age series - three films, so far - just keeps getting better and better, funnier and funnier.

I think the key to their success is discovering what the movie's fans liked and putting those two characters in larger roles. I am speaking of "Sid The Sloth," who is always hilarious and voiced magnificently by John Leguizamo. "Sid" has more lines in this movie than the other two, I would venture to say.....and that's fine with me and most other folks.

The other "character" is "Skrat," the squirrel, who is joined by a female squirrel. "Skrat" has the hots for her, but she's still no competition when it comes to the elusive acorn. Nothing is more important than holding onto one of those and both squirrels are very funny in their battles for possession of that acorn.

As for the story, just picture Sid pretending to be a mom to a threesome of baby dinosaurs. That's all you need to know - it's pretty wild. In all, this is an extremely funny film which also looks, as the other two did, fabulous on Blu-Ray.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10


Ice Age 3:Dawn of the Dinosaurs isn't a bad film, far from it, but it is my least favourite of the Ice Age films. Granted, the animation is absolutely wonderful as it was with the first two, and the music is nicely composed. The characters are likable enough, I have always love Scrat he is so funny, and the voice acting is very good. However, the script and jokes aren't quite as good this time around. There are some good moments, but some of the writing is lacking and there is the odd lame visual gag. Also this is the Ice Age film with the I feel most predictable and most unevenly paced story. There are some scenes that are rather derivative and the pacing either feels rushed and lagging, it never quite feels just right. All in all, it was okay, but it never wowed me as such. 6/10 Bethany Cox

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