I Want to Know Your Parents

2022 [KOREAN]

Drama / Mystery

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Kyung-gu Sol as (as Kyoung-gu Sul)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by malsooon4 / 10

Bad Ending

This is the second time for me that the main actor do the same for me. First of all he makes a really good movies but with a bad twist at the end of his movies that leaves you really angry. This movie made me nervous every thibg was going ok but at the last 5 minutes they made a bad twist that should not happen at all. I don't want to spoil anything but the end will makes you angry believe me. The other movies of the same actor was the memoir of a murderer, everything was ok and it was a really fantastic movie but at the last 2 minutes they made a bad twist made me get nervous. If you want to watch any other movie to the same actor you have to know that he makes good movies with an open endings he likes the movies with twists at the end that leads to an open thoughts for you and it is a really nervous endings. For me I will not watch anything for him again.

When everything going to the right way but at the last 3 mins or five mins they make unnecessary twist that leaves you to be just upset. If they didn't made that bad and open twist I would rate the movie with 7 of 10 but after the twist 4 actually.

Reviewed by abdulrahmanolaitanb9 / 10


This korean movie is a very hard watch. Quite the definition of subtle human ugliness if you were looking for one. Even the innocent is guilty, like guilty for real. A story about a boys suicide due to the effects of bullying, the perpetrators, the extent parents go to protect their kids, backstabbing, perjury, and a total lack of accountability. The road to truth is short and precise, and nothing supercedes it.

The acting is phenomenal, the story is difficult but true, the directing is great, and it doesn't end for you to be satisfied. It does weave in twists and surprises, to an awe effect, but it does leave a bad taste in the end.

Gut wrenching as it may be, one of the best films I've seen all year.

IG: @allmoviesandme.

Reviewed by phebychow9 / 10

Very heavy story!

It's a heart broken story and let us see the human ugliness! I believe such bullying happens in the real life. The turning point in the movie is 'harm set harm get' when the lawyer's son being the target and framed by other three fathers. After going through this incident, the lawyer regrets about making perjuries. In the end things won't change he is still the selfish one who won't face his son's problem and give up every chance for redemption. Sol Kyung-gu's acting is so amazing and convincing!

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