I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RoamingTigress9 / 10

Just good fun

While "I Want a Dog for Christmas" has it's flaws and may not totally live up to the old "A Charlie Brown Christmas", it nonetheless manages to hold a special place in my heart and has remained a staple for my family's Christmas viewing for three years running.

I can remember being in the philosophical Rerun's position, both for wanting a dog -- for years and years until I was able to get one when I was in my teens, and also for and also for being treated as the "baby" in the family. Seeing other members of Snoopy's family was a treat.

I felt the script could have been a little tighter, but I think it is far from being dreadful.

Reviewed by Blake_Petit8 / 10

Probably the best since the original

Out of the four "Peanuts" Christmas specials, this is probably the best since the first. Like the other two, it's mainly a collection of strips taken straight from the comic and animated. This time, though, they've actually taken strips they can form a cohesive story out of. The focus this time is Rerun, younger brother of Linus and Lucy, and his desire to get a dog for Christmas. Rerun is a sweet character (sometimes almost too sweet),but he's genuine in his affection.

Some viewers complain about the segment where Rerun makes a joke about taking a girl to Paris and winds up getting accused of harassment. (The word "sexual" is never used.) Other reviewers actually said this would cause Charles Schulz to spin in his grave -- since Schulz himself wrote the strips that this segment is based on, I highly doubt that.

Nothing will ever approach the greatness of the original "Charlie Brown Christmas," but out of the ones that have come out since then, this is the cream of the crop.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

Van Pelt kids take over

Linus and Lucy's younger brother Rerun likes to play with Snoopy. He has adventurous rides on the back of his mother's bike. The Van Pelt kids have a combative chemistry. Snoopy has a few brothers including Spike. "Happiness is a warm Puppy." Rerun would like a dog of his own. His mother refuses. Spike sends Snoopy a letter and in the return letter, Rerun proposes to take Spike in as his dog.

It has the charm of the Charlie Brown shows with the Van Pelts taking the lead from Charlie Brown. Rerun is actually funny and the Van Pelt kids are hilarious together. Essentially Rerun takes the lead from Charlie Brown except he's more assertive. He even says "Good Grief!" It's a charming special but it lacks a good Christmas message unless it's for the SPCA. Snoopy is funnier than ever and there is Spike in this one.

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