I Am Number Four


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by atlasmb7 / 10

A Teen-Targeted Sci-Fi Myth With Some Nice Action Scenes

A film targeted at young adults, "I am Number Four" starts with some compelling action, then settles into a typical teen high school story--with budding love, the school bully, and the kid who is picked on--with a twist of mystery. The main character, John (Alex Pettyfer),has to move to another town whenever he and his guardian become too visible. They are on the run. And their pursuers are killers from another planet. He tries to fit into the new school, but new kids are misfits and they draw attention, right?

The plot has its awkward moments, but the action sequences, explosions, and firestorms are adequate distractions for those who want to suspend disbelief. And there are a few plot twists that keep things interesting, even if they are sometimes telegraphed to the audience ahead of time.

Dianna Agron ("Glee") is the object of John's affection, but romance is not the center of this film. Callan McAuliffe is effective in the role of Sam, the misfit who John takes under his wing.

The film is tailor-made for a sequel, but it appears none is in the works at this time. "Number Four" feels, at times, like a video game, but it's a third person shooter and those don't appeal to everyone. Maybe that is why the box office was less than hoped for.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

Lots of nagging questions

Alex Pettyfer plays an alien who is on the run from another alien race who destroyed his world. Timothy Olyphant plays his guardian. He and others are charmed and can only be killed in order. He is number four and next in line to be killed.

Firstly, the movie needs to explain their situation better. It's very convoluted and it leads to many questions. None of it is explained well. And why does he have to go to high school? I understand that's what the writer requires for a tween book, but it makes no sense. If he's hiding out, why would he be in public? Why risk being revealed with his glowing hands? There are a lot of whys.

If you can get past the whys, it's a hyper teen drama with really pretty people. It has some watchable action, and some watchable teen drama. The high school douche is really douchey. The hot girl is really pretty. And the lead is impetuous, and stupid. The CGI is pretty good, but it gets very chaotic and very big at the end. The whole thing is a bit of a mess.

Reviewed by bkoganbing5 / 10

With Powers And Abilities Far Beyond Everybody Else On Earth

I Am Number Four casts young Alex Pettyfer as someone who looks like your typical teenage kid with the usual teen angst issues because he keeps moving from place to place with Tim Olyphant who Alex says is his father. He looks like any ordinary kid, but he's really Superboy of a sort.

Like Kalel he came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond just about everyone else. Olyphant is not his dad, Pettyfer's parents were killed by some nasty invaders called Mogadorians and they're on earth searching for 9 special kids just like Pettyfer who will lead the counterrevolution back on their world if in fact the Mogadorians don't settle here on earth because they're liking what they see in the way of conquest spoils.

In addition to Superman, I counted some elements taken from some forgotten television series, The Powers Of Matthew Star and The Invaders.

Anyway young Pettyfer also gets involved with earth girl Dianna Agron getting her jock boyfriend Jake Abel all bent out of shape. His best friend in a very touching performance is science nerd Callan McAuliffe, he's by far the best one in the film.

They have a knockdown drag out with the aliens at the high school where even Pettyfer's basset hound gets in the act, let me not say how.

The ending is an open ended one which might lead to sequels or even a television series. I Am Number Four is an all right film for the juvenile market that even a few adults might enjoy.

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