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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmFanatic20232 / 10

Fails to deliver on its intriguing premise.

In "I Am D. B. Cooper," director T. J. Regan attempts to unravel the mystery of the infamous skyjacker who hijacked a plane in 1971 and was never seen again. The movie mixes documentary and fictional elements, following the story of real-life bail bondsmen Carlos and Mike Rocha as they try to track down D. B. Cooper's loot. However, the movie is weighed down by tedious, uninteresting characters and a confusing, unengaging story. The inclusion of fictionalized interviews with D. B. Cooper and singer Rita Coolidge only serve to distract from the already thin plot. Overall, "I Am D. B. Cooper" is a disappointing and forgettable attempt to shed light on a fascinating historical event.

Reviewed by GoSpursGo72 / 10

I wasted $5 so you don't have to

As an avid DB Cooper aficionado, I will watch everything that even mentions the name. When I watched the trailer for this a few weeks ago I knew immediately it was going to be garbage. Some people are awful liars, and the subject in this "documentary" is one of those people. It's so apparent he's looking for fame that there is zero need for a polygraph. 300000 years of human evolution is all anyone with a functioning brain needs to see through his absurd claims. Half this film is made up of actors pretending to speak for people who they clearly didn't get the dialogue from. The only way I can recommend this is if you enjoy unintentional comedy. Otherwise...save your money. It's that preposterous.

Reviewed by kelflorence2 / 10

Just terrible

Awful acting - no interesting actual facts. Zero actual evidence. 'Dramedy' at best. Do not waste $5 on this movie like we did, it's more like a bad cast of actor-wannabes instead of dramatic portrayers of real-life events. The title is misleading and as someone who has been following the DB Cooper mystery for the past 20 years - this was an absolute joke.

Rodney is a likable and potentially convincing protagonist - he's not the problem. The problem is with the producers and directors of this film and the fact they thought people who've actually been following the db copper case would enjoy this whatsoever.

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