How I Became a Gangster

2019 [POLISH]

Crime / Drama

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Natalia Siwiec Photo
Natalia Siwiec as Wiola
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by artur-niedzielski8 / 10

At least one good polish gansta movie with a real story.

And not directed by pathetic moron Vega. Nice story with a twist.

Reviewed by razoq10 / 10


Great talented young actors, amazing plot, interesting, exciting and unpredictable. Great characters. The main character is complicated but relatable. Very smart fresh approach towards gangster movies.

Proud of such polish production!

Reviewed by szpancogito2 / 10

Worse than a waste of time. Hurts to watch.

This film is a copy of many others in this genre: first person narrator, crushing amounts of filthy language, slow motion shots, Pulp Fiction-style supposedly funny dialogues between thugs, glamorization of banditry, etc. It portrays a group of individuals with whom it is impossible to sympathize, who do foolish things and use disgusting idiom. I suppose it would hurt less to watch if they didn't use my native language Polish. But they do. This makes it unbearable. The sad thing is that young impressionable youths, who are the typical audience of such productions, easily pick up the same linguistic habits and outlook on life, which turn them into the same class of cultural and moral cripples as the characters of this sorry attempt at film-making.

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