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Reviewed by HEFILM7 / 10

Japanese "The Haunting" works well

At the time of this writing the film is only available in Italian with no subtitles and a cropped down watery looking image. But these sever problems can't hide what is a good movie. The Haunting is a clear influence here, there is even a scene with a bulging door, a creepy stature, and I suppose creepy evocative sound fx are also a important element in this film along the black and white widescreen photography. But there are some elements--birds for instance--that appear in this Japnese director's other films, along with some of the same cast members that make this more its own film than a copy of anything else. He may not be an auteur(though he may I haven't seen enough of his films to know) but he's an effective director of genre material with a personal vision style wise and and a good visual storyteller.

And despite the references to, or steals from, other films this is not a rip off it has, especially in its style an approach of its own. It doesn't seem, even with an all Japanese cast, to be very Japanese in feel, especially in the most Italian element which may be the female wailing voice used in the film's score. What I'm saying is this film in unique in several ways.

The opening of the film is especially well done but it has effective evocative moments right on through. A better title might be GHOST and the HUNCHBACK, as the Hunchback isn't a ghost, or of course the film's original title which better reflects what the film is about. A brisk pace helps it move and the visuals are striking.

This effective and interesting film deserves proper presentation at 2:35 aspect ratio and translation.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh8 / 10

Japanese Gothic.

A hunchbacked caretaker presides over a forlorn mansion inhabited by the ghosts of his previous masters.An unbelieving trio(a doctor,his assistant and his niece)fail to heed the caretaker's warnings and are slaughtered horribly by the jealous occupants."The Ghost of the Hunchback" is one of the few Japanese haunted house movies made during 60's.The film clearly resembles Italian Gothic horror films made by Mario Bava and Antonio Margheriti.The acting is solid,the atmosphere is wonderfully spooky and foggy and there are some gruesome scenes."The Ghost of the Hunchback" was released on tape in Italy under the title "Il Pozzo di Satana".It's a crying shame that it faded so quickly into obscurity.Give this creepy gem a look,because it deserves to be seen.8 out of 10.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

The usual J-horror offering

GHOST OF THE HUNCHBACK (1965, original title Kaidan semushi otoko, aka SATAN'S PIT, HOUSE OF TERRORS) is an inventive little slice of J-horror that carries on the usual Japanese trope of a malignant house possessed by myriad evils (cf. The JU-ON films, HAUSU). This one sees a young woman, Yoshi, inheriting her late husband's country villa only to encounter a strange servant and various spirits dwelling within.

Original this one isn't! It has a creeping atmosphere of dread borrowed from the Italian gothic cycle and a big banging-on-the-door set-piece ripped off straight from THE HAUNTING. However, it's a fast-paced little effort replete with murders, flashbacks and various spooky weirdness, so I quite liked it. The hunchback himself - who isn't a ghost, by the way - is a dead ringer for Christopher Lee.

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