House of Horrors: Gates of Hell



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Reviewed by bfp131087 / 10

A fun ride...

You are never sure what you can expect from the low budget movies but I can promise you that for its faults; this one is a wild ride. The story line was fantastic. It was like being in a haunted house that is in a haunted house itself. The acting was sub par and when the leads talked about auditions for amateurs - I'm sure that line had been used by the casting team for the movie. At first I was put off by the demon's voice but for whatever reason it became more and more effective as the movie progressed. Tim, the owner of the Horror House, had a fantastic subplot of his own at the end and I wish they had enlarged upon it. But my favorite part were all of the furnishings and characters in the Horror House itself. Very effective and very scary; sometimes even terrifying. There is a twist at the end which you may or may not see coming, but whether or not you do, you'll leave this movie thinking about whether you really want to visit a Haunted House come Halloween.

Reviewed by scarlettsdad3 / 10

Not completely awful, but...

...not particularly good, either. Budgetary constraints considered, the special effects weren't too bad, and the masks/costumes and sets were effective. The acting, though...ugh. And the script was absolutely dire.

Tip: For a fun drinking game, take a swig every time someone says, "Excuse me?" I'm actually curious to know the count, but am not willing to go back and watch it again.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters5 / 10

You're in my house

Buffalo's haunted house has an altar that will open the gates of hell. Some demons slip through and kill people before opening night.

This is the same group of people who did "House of Horrors: The Movie." Daniel Monroe is also responsible for "Fairy Tale Theater: The Movie" and "Shoot-Out: 50 Years of the Whacky Wild West" apparently under the impression that another worth doing will have a colon in the title. The horror house itself looked fairly cool with neat effects. However those effects are not realistic enough to use as horror film props, like the dead guy on the roof which looked like such a prop. The plot was simple enough and the ending a bit stupid involving a discussion of the definition of "resolved." Guide: F-word. No sex. Brief picture nudity.

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