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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rg799128 / 10

Didn't expect much, but enjoyed it. Male lead is gorgeous.

I went into this figuring I'd shut it off after 15 minutes. I've found myself doing that with several Hallmark movies this holiday season, much to my dismay. They did a good job casting the male lead. He's gorgeous and his acting wasn't awful. I'm surprised at the negative reviews on here. The female lead was a bit stiff but not awful. I sensed more attraction on her character's end than on his, which shouldn't have been the case. There was chemistry just not as much as there should've been. My goodness when the male lead smiles though, I can forgive a lot. Hallmark needs to cast better looking actors tbh and give their male characters better personalities, because I haven't been able to enjoy most of their movies this season. Their male leads are either unattractive or their characters personalities come off almost toxic to me. That's why I have been giving other networks a chance this holiday season and have been pleasantly surprised. Anways, I enjoyed this movie. I didn't love it, but I haven't loved any movies this season. Still, it was an enjoyable watch.

Reviewed by Avidviewer-028477 / 10

Slow start but it works

The actors and actresses are not regulars in this genre, but they give a decent performance. The script is not bad, it's not full of sickly sweet dialog and boring talk of traditions. The leads have chemistry and the plot isn't full of supernatural twists. In the end it's believable, not full of fake contrivances.

Reviewed by Jackbv1236 / 10

War then peace

Until 30 minutes of the movie is past, Collete is picking a fight with her new neighbor Marcus because she thinks he stole her Grandma's hot chocolate recipe. Then like so many of these movies, her animosity just goes away and for the rest of the movie she is bending over backwards for him in several ways. It's true that at about the halfway point something unexpected happens which would explain some of her change in attitude if she hadn't already started softening. Actually, one unexpected thing and then soon after a twist which some viewers might have seen coming.

It looks like one of the most common sources of conflict in these movies is about to happen, but it doesn't, so after the initial animosity, there is almost no tension between the leads. The chemistry is so-so. As a result of all this, the last part of the movie is flat, both the story and the romance.

Realism is not expected in Christmas rom/coms so I won't even go into the myriads of ridiculous things that happen but just a hint on some - health codes.

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