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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden5 / 10

Adequate, unmemorable Jerry Lewis vehicle.

The premise here is pretty familiar: family man and insurance company employee Peter Ingersoll (Jerry Lewis) is told that he's dying by his doctor and supposed "friend" Scott Carter (Peter Lawford). Thinking that he has mere months to live, Peter follows his wife's suggestion to go on an expensive vacation on his company's dime. Peter racks up about six figures in debt, and then is tracked down by Scott, who tells him, guess what? I made a mistake, and you're not dying. Now Peter is embroiled in a variety of fraudulent schemes to avoid any sort of consequences.

"Hook, Line and Sucker" was, in this viewers' humble opinion, one of Jerry's lesser vehicles from this era. The fact that the scenario is routine stuff is just one problem, but the screenwriter, Rod Amateau, and director, George Marshall, don't develop things in any truly interesting or funny ways, and the whole story is mostly uninspired. There are some solid laughs at the outset, as well as a pretty amusing punchline at the end, but overall this is far from Jerry's best.

Jerry gives it a reasonably good performance, falling back on some classic Jerry zaniness. His "heart attack" is hilariously stupid, and when he's required to play the role of an "Australian" character, it's real eye-rolling stuff. He gets decent support from Lawford, and the gorgeous Anne Francis, as Peters' homemaker wife. Jennifer Edwards (daughter of filmmaker Blake Edwards) and Jimmy Miller play Peters' kids, and there is a brief role for Jerry's longtime repertory player Kathleen Freeman as an inattentive babysitter.

This delivers some laughs, and has a fairly bright wrap-up, but there are no genuine comedy fireworks to speak of.

Five out of 10.

Reviewed by kctkeller6 / 10

Good, just not his best.

I saw this when I was about 12 or so and it kept me entertained throughout. Of course when you're a kid its probably a little easier to be entertained. But I was such a Jerry Lewis fan that basically he could do no wrong in my eyes. He's a comic genius, hands down, no question, so let it be written, so let it be done. There were some funny moments, it just wasn't his BEST work. Not EVERY movie an actor or actress makes can be their best film. But its reasonably funny and it SHOULD be able to be purchased by people who want it!! I would really like to know why it isn't on DVD or VHS! If it were one of his classic gem movies I could maybe understand it but its just an average Lewis film so why can't it be on VHS or DVD so we can get a copy. Some of us like ALL Jerry's stuff! If anyone can answer me regarding this, please do. [email protected]

Reviewed by wes-connors2 / 10

Hook, Line and Stinker

Jerry Lewis (as Peter Ingersoll) is in a hospital, with a medical team ready to operate on him, and a bunch of people who seem like an audience reacting, as he tells his story: He had a TV situation comedy-like family, complete with a TV show set out of "Bewitched". His doctor Peter Lawford (as Scott Carter) tells Mr. Lewis that, due to a bad heart, he has only months to live. Lewis' wife Anne Francis (as Nancy) suggests he spend his last months traveling and spending credit card money...

The plot of this movie doesn't have any discernible logic. Lewis, Lawford, and Francis carry on what the filmmakers thought was a funny situation? You can follow along with the happenings, but it doesn't make any sense; and, it certainly isn't funny. The one "joke" that may jolt you comes at the end of the film. However, it doesn't have much to do with the story (other than the obvious fact that Jerry Lewis enjoys fishing). A better idea might have been for Lewis to stop making movies like this, get some good writers, and do a real TV comedy.

** Hook, Line and Sinker (5/7/69) George Marshall ~ Jerry Lewis, Peter Lawford, Anne Francis

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