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Reviewed by Movi3DO5 / 10

Boring second half

Warning: this is not the cortical homunculus with big hand and lip.

A new Japanese movie on Netflix that adapted from the manga with the same name. A homeless amnesiac got his forehead drilled, which allowed him to use his brain more and see into people's inner trauma.

I didn't know about the manga, so the review is based solely on what I saw. The first half was very interesting, as the main character explored his newly discovered ability. That one scene with the high school girl was so weird and mind-boggling. This first half got me invested to see how far the main character would take his ability.

The second half made a sudden change in tone, and became mystery and drama. I had major issue with this story because things did not have explanations, the buildup did not address the character's background, and the story itself didn't even make that much sense. This second half might improve a little bit of there was more impactful background music. Honestly the second half story wasn't that intriguing.

Also, the premise that if one drills a hole into the brain, and somehow this makes more space for the brain to be used more, was just stupid. This reminded my of Lucy, a movie with Scarlett Johansson where the main character got injected some weird blue stuff and was able to use more than 10% of her brain. At least that makes more sense than the premise of this movie. And the 10% brain usage is a stupid myth.

Overall, an interesting story about guilt and trauma, but the second half became convoluted and messy. 5/10.

Reviewed by joiningjt1 / 10

SERIOUSLY, people actually gave this a score over 1???? Dont buy that!! Shrills!!

For 1 I cant believe people actually finished this piece of garbage, I've seen better home movies shot with a vhs camcorder and watched on a front projection tv in direct sunlight while eating cold pancakes and drinking warm flat beer!! SERIOUSLY?? Trust me it's not even worth having in the background while you vaccum!!

Reviewed by juanmuscle10 / 10

this is exactly how dissolve a story like this

This guy is super creative I'm talking about this manga writer dude, I 've only seen this movie but I would love to see more from this guy!

This was definitely a big mindwarp trip! Very cool and very fun and stylistic...

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