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Reviewed by lavatch8 / 10

A Penny for Your Thoughts

The filmmakers of "Hometown Killer" were successful for over half of the film in making the villainess, Penny Blake, a sympathetic character. After being mercilessly hazed in high school, Penny went on to become a crackerjack policewoman. Now, it is payback time.

On the receiving end of Penny's venom is Tara Henson, now happily married to her devoted husband Charles. When Penny comes back into Tara's life, it begins as a friendship with promise as the contrite Tara does everything in her power to make amends for participating obliquely in the hazing that involved humiliating "Penny Pig," tying her to a chair and thrusting her onstage in the high school auditorium in front of a jeering crowd. There is no attempt on the part of the filmmakers to reveal if the perps were ever punished.

The ringleader of the high school students, whom Penny never forgot, was Nolan. He reunites as well with Penny, but with no sense of the genuine contrition of Tara. Nolan will now be no contest for the policewoman, who becomes his nemesis. Penny also bumps off the character of Kutter, one of her fellow officers, when he gets in her way.

It is inevitable that the action will return to the original scene of the crime in the high school auditorium. It is there that the decorated officer Penny Blake will have her final showdown with her past. Will she redeem herself, or will she fall prey to a personal vendetta that can only reduce her humanity to the basest level? A good ending for the film might have been when Penny was being cuffed and taken off to jail, Tara could have asked her, "A penny for your thoughts?"

Reviewed by phd_travel7 / 10

Different dynamic here

A little different scenario here - the cop investing a home invasion was bullied by the owner in high school. Interesting dynamic. At least the wacko of the week has a clear reason for doing what she does. Nice change to see things from the POV of the wacko. There is a Carrie vibe that's entertaining.

Reviewed by baweinberg6 / 10

I was rooting for Penny

This movie is better than average for a Lifetime movie. Personally I was rooting for Penny. When the bully guy showed up at the bbq, the friend should have acted much more quickly and strongly to protect Penny. What Penny went through in high school would have been extremely traumatic.

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