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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen5 / 10

A grotesque approach to the established holidays...

"Give me your heart" - This was actually a fairly good story about giving your heart for valentine's day. This segment had a wonderfully disturbing character, whom was very nicely acted.

"St. Patricks Day" - Well, I found this segment to be a very odd and bizarre story about a woman being pregnant with a reptile. With that being said, it should be said, in all fairness, that it was nicely acted. And it was definitely among some of the more weird things I have seen in a movie.

"Easter" - Now, this was a wonderful combination of mixing the commercialized Easter tradition with the biblical version. I must admit that I have never seen a half-rabbit, half-Jesus creature before now.

"Mothers Day" - A very pointless story, which didn't really fit into the anthology all that that greatly.

"Father's Day" - This was the opposite of the "Mother's Day" segment, as it was very nicely narrated. And it was certainly a very suspenseful and thrilling addition to the anthology, although the ending was somewhat anti-climatic.

"Halloween" - While it was a very entertaining segment, it seemed somewhat out of place here. I guess it was the sex industry backdrop that didn't work well to fit into the anthology.

"Christmas" - Surely had an interesting concept about seeing yourself and your actions through virtual reality glasses. And it was a twisted story indeed that fitted nicely into the anthology. It was nice to see Seth Green here.

"New Year's" - Ah, now this was among the most entertaining and surprising of all the stories in the anthology and definitely one of my favorite segments.

If you enjoy horror anthology, then perhaps you should check out "Holidays", as it has different themes, yet still all combined underneath the universal theme of holidays. You might actually find something unique, very entertaining and suitable for your particular preference here.

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

Eight holidays get the horror treatment with nice results all around

A handful of eight horror vignettes that all share a holiday theme.

Valentine's Day - Pleasing Carrie rehash with a sympathetic protagonist portrayed well by Madeleine Coughlan and a great gruesome punchline.

St. Patrick's Day - Extremely daft and darkly amusing. The creepy redhead girl hits the sinister spot, plus there are neat echoes of both Rosemary's Baby and The Wicker Man.

Easter - Yikes! Talk about a deliciously sick and unsettling tale. The grotesque Bunny-Christ hybrid guy is the stuff of true nightmares.

Mother's Day - Weird and kinky. Lots of hot naked babes, a loopy premise, and a gnarly climatic monster birth.

Father's Day - Poignant and suspenseful in equal measure. Jocelin Donahue delivers a touching performance as a forlorn gal who gets a chance to be reunited with her dad who disappeared when she was a little girl. Plenty of nerve-wracking tension that builds to a shattering climax.

Halloween - Three web-cam internet porn ladies turn the tables on their slimy pimp boss. Very funny in a sadistic sort of way.

Christmas - Inspired virtual reality hook along with top acting by Seth Green and Clare Grant make this one a winner.

New Year's - Black comedy delight. A slobby serial killer meets his match in the form of a loony woman (a lively turn by Lorenza Izzo-Jean) that he hooks up with off of an online dating service.

Good ghoulish fun.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10


This is a collection of short stories (about 10 minutes each) of the following holidays: Valentine, St Patrick, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year's. I did enjoy a few of the stories sometimes thinking they would have been a better feature length film such as St. Patrick. I was least excited about Father's Day. Warning to religious folk, the Easter Bunny has the wounds of Jesus as the film combines the two tales. I am not sure why a cassette tape, even when old would pop and click like a record.

The efforts seemed half-baked.

Guide: F-word. Ample nudity in Mother's Day episode.

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