Holiday Rush


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

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Sonequa Martin-Green Photo
Sonequa Martin-Green as Roxy Richardson
Stormi Maya Photo
Stormi Maya as Katrina
Tamala Jones Photo
Tamala Jones as Jocelyn 'Joss' Hawkings
Greg Cipes Photo
Greg Cipes as Nutcracker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whlwtcher6 / 10

Not As Bad....

Not sure about the bad reviews but I actually enjoyed this film. I thought the kids played exactly how they were written to be: entitled, spoiled, bougie kids who have been given everything, never knowing sacrifice, lack and hardship. I enjoyed the story, the acting (the actress who played Roxie was great!). It's a Christmas movie - give it a chance.

Reviewed by koltonbrett7 / 10

Underrated Christmas Movie

This movie is about family, love, and perseverance. It reminds us that it's not the gifts that make each Christmas so special but the people we spend it with. It's an interesting story that keeps us entertained with its comedy, romance, and tear inducing moments. It's one of the funniest Netflix Christmas movies.

Reviewed by zendatrim7 / 10

WARNING don't spoil your kids is the lesson.

I am not sure why the awful ratings. I wasnt going to watch it, but have noticed that low ratings on IMDB doesnt mean the film is not watchable usually far from it, so I gave it go.

Everyone was focused on the kids, they were spoilt rotten because the father tried to compensate for them as they lost their mother which kind of bounces back on you when you get fired from a lucrative job.

The kids were vile, spoilt. The father tried his best was totally out of his depth. When he is fired, his busness partner steps in and they join forces and start a new radio station.

This is like a pantomine on celluloid, with the villian of the peace boo hiss and the fairy godmother, and over acting, BUT I still enjoyed it. I watch these films tongue in cheek, I dont take them seriously they are made to just chill out and while away an hour or two.

The family go back to their routes. The son misbehaves but then you find out why and it was quite a touching reason to be honest. The house they had to move back too was actually quite a nice house was wear they were born.

Really just watch it with no expections, it doesnt deserve 1 rating IMHO.

I agree with the sentiment, its not what you have, but who is around you, so true. I have nothing anymore but I do have wonderful famliy which for me makes my life is what i learnt from this.

Come on guys it was just a small movie not meant to be an oscar winner.

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