Holiday Inn


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Noel Neill as Dancer, 'Abraham' Number
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Jean Heather as 4th of July Dancer
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Fred Astaire as Ted Hanover
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Bing Crosby as Jim Hardy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AlsExGal9 / 10

You shouldn't skate on ice as thin as this plot!...

... but plot is not the point. It is pure escapist entertainment, which the homefront desperately needed in this first full year of wartime. Jim Hardy (Bing Crosby) and Ted Hanover (Fred Astaire) have a song and dance act that Jim retires from to go start an inn in Connecticut. After a year of this, Jim decides to convert the inn into a nightclub that is open only for holidays - 15 days a year. Put down your adding machines and forget trying to figure out the financial feasibility of this.

An unknown girl comes out to the inn (Marjorie Reynolds as Linda) looking for a career in entertainment and a job, and she and Jim begin to fall for each other. But then up pops Ted, and Jim is worried that history will repeat itself and Ted will steal his new girl. Ted is the sophisticated type, Jim is the homebody type. Linda is not sure which type she is. Let the rather predictable romantic triangle that at times becomes a rectangle begin. More importantly cue the Irving Berlin songs and the great singing and dancing.

Marjorie Reynolds just did not impress me, but it's not like she is awful either. She is just...there. But the back and forth between Fred and Bing is wonderful with Walter Abel as the agent lending great comic support.

Odd for a 1942 film, this one does not mention WWII once. The only reference to it at all is a little bit of film of production lines of wartime equipment being made during the Independence Day number.

And as for folks who dislike this movie for The Number That Shall Not Be Named, do take note that it is Louise Beavers' character that actually saves the day by getting Bing's character to come to his senses. I'll let you watch and find out what I mean. As for me, I highly recommend this. It's a great holiday film and a great feel good film.

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Pleasant and with a nice theme song.

"Holiday Inn" has the distinction of being the film that introduced us to "White Christmas"--a song that has since sold something like a bazillion copies. Not surprisingly, this crowd pleaser received the Oscar for Best Song. As for the rest of the film, it's mostly good--that is, all but the very racist minstrel number!

Bing Crosby operates a bizarre establishment called Holiday Inn. The inn is closed most of the year as Bing performs, however, on his off days (the holidays),he and his friends (including Fred Astaire) put on a Broadway-style show in this rural spot. Sure, none of this makes any sense...just try to suspend your disbelief about this! When Fred loses his partner, Bing is afraid that Fred might try to take his new partner (Marjorie Reynolds) and the film ends up playing almost like a Hope-Crosby Road Picture, as each tries to win the girl's heart. Along the way, are LOTS of songs by Irving Berlin--most good, though the film might have done better to trim a few of these (particularly the one where Crosby and Reynolds are in black-face)--with a bit more emphasis on the plot. Still, it's modestly enjoyable and you can't help but love the theme song. Worth seeing but not a must-see unless you are a die hard Astaire or Crosby fan.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

A seasonal classic

I love Christmas and musicals, and thought this film would be a perfect combination. And it turned out splendidly, and as much as I like White Christmas Holiday Inn is better for me. The story I agree is thin and lacks credibility in areas, but with so many other brilliant assets you kind of forget about any misgivings. Irving Berlin's songs and score are superb(as always, I have yet to hear a Berlin score I don't like),and the dance routines are magical. There is some good direction and dialogue and the production values are little to complain about either. Bing Crosby is wonderful and the songs do justice to his beautiful voice, and Fred Astaire matches him perfectly and dances brilliantly. Marjorie Reynolds is also a beautiful, sympathetic and witty addition to the cast. In conclusion, a classic, perfect for the Christmas season. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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