Holiday Affair


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Janet Leigh as Connie Ennis
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Robert Mitchum as Steve Mason
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Harry Morgan as Police Lieutenant
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Wendell Corey as Carl Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moonspinner558 / 10

Appealing Christmas confection!

Bright and engaging holiday-themed romantic comedy has single mom Janet Leigh wooed by two men over the holidays: devil-may-care Robert Mitchum (who really does have a sardonic demon in his eyes!) and staunch, dull Wendell Corey. Poor Corey really has a thankless role here, not only playing the third wheel but berated for it as well; still, he plays dishwater-dull to perfection and his voice of reason would surely give Leigh cause to second-guess her heart. Surprisingly quirky film isn't the least bit obvious or clichéd, and Janet's screen-relationship with Gordon Gebert, the likable youngster playing her son, is very well handled. Top-notch writing, directing and acting; a gem. ***1/2 from ****

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird9 / 10

Charming holiday affair

Have always been a big fan of classic film and love holiday films. Especially ones set at or centered around Christmas, of which there are many classics. Most of which mentioned a lot when one brings up Christmas films. Was very interested in seeing Robert Mitchum in a lighter, more subtle role than his usual tough persona that he did so well. Had no doubt that pre--'Psycho' Janet Leigh in an early role would be an ideal choice.

While not quite 'It's a Wonderful Life', 1947's 'Miracle on 34th Street', 1951's 'A Christmas Carol', 'White Christmas' and 'The Bishop's Wife' when it comes to classic film Christmas films, 'Holiday Affair' is still irresistibly charming. As well as criminally overlooked and underseen for reasons that are at present inexplicable to me. It is occasionally a little saccharine later on, but that is pretty much the only thing that stuck out as not so good. The good things with 'Holiday Affair' are many and would go as far to call them great.

It looks lovely and is beautifully shot. The music has subtlety and whimsy, not being over sweet or syrupy and it doesn't overbear. The direction is skillful and has a lightness of touch without being too frothy, especially in the first half.

The script expertly balances charming whimsical feel good (in a way reminiscent of Frank Capra),gentle yet witty humour and poignant pathos, always sounding natural and never souds cheesy or sugary. Excelling particularly in the first half. The story moves, entertains and warms the heart, with no uncertain or sudden tonal shifts and no suspension of disbelief moments. The opening sequence for example is very sweet but not in a sickly way but a very difficult to resist one.

Furthermore the characters are worth caring about and are not too perfect and personality flaws are not overdone. Mitchum does subtle beautifully and Leigh is charmingly delectable. Wendall Corey's characer is on the bland side but Corey brings a wryness and amiable side to him. Gordon Gebert has garnered mixed reviews here, personally thought he was fine. The chemistry between the actors never looks stiff or static.

Concluding, great and unjustly overlooked. 9/10.

Reviewed by johno-218 / 10

A good Christmas themed film worth looking for

I've only seen this a couple of times on television as it's one of those forgotten Christmas classics that didn't get that much airplay over the years. It's not a traditional sentimental Christmas film but it's setting is during the Christmas season. Robert Mitchum stars as a department store sales clerk who falls for a WWII war widow who is the mother of a boy and engaged to be married. Janet Leigh co-stars with Wendell Corey as her fiancé. Harry Morgan is among the supporting cast. Janet Leigh had made almost a dozen films since her screen debut a couple two years before A Holiday Affair was made but this was only her second film in a lead actress role. The whole cast is great in this adaptation of a story called Christmas Gift by magazine writer John D. Weaver. Don Hartman only directed five films in his career including this but was a busy guy in Hollywood as a screenwriter, producer, director and composer. Veteran cinematographer Milton Krasner whose career extended from the 30's into the 70's photographs this film. His excellent work included The Farmer's Daughter, Sweet Bird of Youth, The Seven Year Itch, Bus Stop and The Sterile Cukoo. Harry Marker whose film career began in the silents and went into the sixties is the film's editor. It's a good story with a good script and I would give it an 8.0 out of 10.

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