Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story



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Reviewed by vanessamotherofmovies7 / 10

Documentary & Found Footage

Despite the niche of filmmakers with tight budgets to tend to rely on this type of movie, Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story is a well thought out and entertaining film.

What stood out the most was the solid performances of the cast. Convincing portrayals of witness and experts really help the narrative along when you're trying to convince an audience the fictional story you're telling is based on fact.

I loved the nods to other dissapearance related documentary shows as well as the commentary.

Like any film with a small allowance, it's east to see where cuts were made. But these were done with care.

Really great work. Watch it, don't skip it.

Reviewed by mcpi410 / 10

Must see to "believe"

This film was billed as a "lower budget" independent project. It DOES NOT feel like one while watching. Cast and crew took full advantage of their strengths and it shows. The story is good, well written and doesn't contain any "forced" or "unnatural" dialogue. It comes across as true conversation. The filming locations were perfect for the story and aided in its telling.

This is not your run of the mill "let's make a movie" production. Care was shown to this project and it comes across in the film. All in all this is a very good bordering on great film. Give it a watch and you'll see what I am writing is true.

Reviewed by lhurt-7046010 / 10


A "Found Footage Film" in which the footage was never lost. A documentary of a documentary, if you will. Very well written and executed. The cast was great. The dialogue never felt corny or forced. You get drawn into the characters and become invested. I normally only buy digital copies of films because I hate clutter but when one is available for this film I will be adding it to my collection of favorites.

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