Hold Your Breath


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

Poor, but there's been worse from The Asylum

The Asylum have made some tolerable movies, but a vast majority of their work, especially those from the disaster movie genre, is terrible. Hold Your Breath is far from their worst and is redeemable, but at the same time it is generally a poor movie. It does have a pretty effective opening sequence, a couple of inventive deaths, the beautiful Katrina Bowden giving a quite intense performance, Steve Hanks stealing every scene he's in and the hilarious line "You look as confused as a baby in a titty bar!". For me though, that's all there is to Hold Your Breath. The rest of the actors don't distinguish themselves and come across as bland and awkward. Actually Seth Cassell isn't so bad, he does have some acting talent but it is a talent that is not used very well at all in the movie because like all the actors he has little to work with. The actors do struggle with very cookie-cutter and severely underdeveloped characters and also a clunky script- that throws things in and leaves them unexplained often. McBride has the best lines easily, though I was never sure whether they were supposed to be taken seriously or for comedy. Excusing that the story is very derivative, with an idea that has been done to death already, the telling of it is very by-the-numbers, even some of the inventive deaths are not enough to disguise lazy exposition, really bad pedestrian pacing(especially after the prologue until McBride is introduced) or a distractingly goofy final act(like I was watching a different movie all of a sudden). The villain is not very memorable or menacing either. The direction and editing are amateurish at best, and the music doesn't gel with the atmosphere, some of the songs even sounded like bad, forgettable knock-offs of Evanescence. All in all, a poor movie but the Asylum has done worse than this. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by nogodnomasters5 / 10


The idea of a killer spirit is not new to the films. These are normally "Bloody Mary" movies. Only one time has it been done A+ and that was "Fallen." In this Asylum production, we see a mass murderer who was also a preacher being executed.

We then jump to the hard body present where 20 somethings go camping. Along the way they pass a neat looking Spanish Moss cemetery near an abandoned prison asylum. Of course the stoner doesn't hold his breath and we now have the spirit of the slasher loose, entering bodies at will, killing whoever he wants. This could make for a decent film, but for some reason the execution and dialogue didn't make it. They did have a few decent kill scenes, but not enough to make a memorable film. If you're going to do something that has been done, bring back the slide trombone with the knife attachment.

Low end 80's style slasher.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity (Erin Marie Hogan / Lisa Younger)

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen3 / 10

Bad even for a movie from The Asylum...

I had no idea what I was getting myself into here, except that when I saw that dreaded The Asylum logo pop up on the screen all hopes of being in for something great sort of vanishes like dew before the first rays of the sun.

Yeah, it is no secret that The Asylum is well-known for the more than questionable movies and mockbusters of dubious entertainment value. But still, I decided to give "Hold Your Breath" a chance, on the odd chance that it would actually be among the rare few movies that The Asylum spew forth that actually turn out to be worthwhile watching.

Right, well "Hold Your Breath" wasn't a particularly outstanding movie. Well, in all honesty, then it should be said that the movie started out fair enough and definitely had potential and had some good enough moments that lead me back to the good old days of the traditional 1990s horror movies. But they were just far in between and were drowning in a less than mediocre execution.

What worked the best in favor of the movie was the fact that they had both Keith Allan and Katrina Bowden on the cast list. Just a shame that Keith Allen was a mere supportive actor in the movie and had very little on-screen time. But Katrina Bowden definitely carried the movie quite well with her performance.

As for being a horror movie, then "Hold Your Breath" was not innovative, nor was it particularly outstanding or memorable. Which ultimately was a major part of why this movie is the type of movie that you will watch once - if you even manage to sit through it that long - and never to be seen again.

The ending of the movie, however, that is where it all fell into a heaping pile of rubbish. That was definitely one of the worst twist to a movie and one of the worst things happening towards an ending of a movie that I have witnessed in a long, long time. It was so bad that I was actually laughing hard when I saw that on the screen. Actually, the abysmal thing happening at the end of the movie actually makes it worthwhile sitting through the movie, just keep looking forward to having that one ridiculous moment at the end to strive to get to.

All in all, "Hold Your Breath" was not a very entertaining movie. Even for a movie from The Asylum, then this was pretty disappointing.

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