Hiroshima Mon Amour

1959 [FRENCH]

Action / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evanston_dad8 / 10

A Poem

It's nearly impossible to talk about "Hiroshima, Mon Amour" in the same language I use to talk about other films. Even people used to international cinema may find themselves somewhat boggled by this visual tone poem. It's beautiful, and it leaves a distinct impression, but it does so in the way that a striking and unexpected image would, not in the way that an accessible film narrative would. Therefore, it interests without ever fully engaging.

To say that Resnais' film has something in common with silent cinema would be misleading, because sound certainly matters. But the movie definitely feels like a piece of non-verbal cinema, where sensation matters more than cognition.

A movie I probably need to see again to truly appreciate.

Grade: A

Reviewed by MartinHafer3 / 10

an important message tarnished by goofy film techniques

Although the purpose of this film was to denounce the use of nuclear weapons, I so hated the style of the film that the message was largely lost on me. While I loved some of the the director's other works ("Night and Fog" is brilliant),I was annoyed by the "artsy" tone of the film and the excessive reliance on New Wave sensibilities. I'll be honest and up front about this--I hate most of the Godard films I have seen and several of those of Resnais. Strange camera angles and the avoidance of normal movie conventions may impress some, but I felt lost. I hated the goofy poetry-like dialog that was used while scenes went back and forth between the lovers and documentary footage of the civilians of the Hiroshima post-blast. It seemed to trivialize and muddle the impact of their pain.

So why did I give it a 3 and not a 1? Well, I have seen a lot of French films and there are some whose level of awfulness reaches far greater heights than this film (and there are some that are absolute masterpieces). If you think this film is bad, try watching "Alphaville" or "Last Night At Marienbad"--now THESE are really bad French films!

Reviewed by Hitchcoc10 / 10

Cold as a Cellar

As a college freshman some 45 years ago, I saw this film in the student union They had a commitment to art films. I have to say that I do remember the stream of dialog between the two characters but little about the content. I knew he (the Japanese man) had lost his family on that August day. I recall her pulling inward as he becomes a bit demanding. Watching it with mature eyes and a fresh view of the world, I was brought back to these two traumatized characters and the war that changed them forever. It begins with a discussion of the Hiroshima museum which contains pictures and artifacts from that fateful day. He keeps telling her that she has not seen Hiroshima as they lay entwined in bed. His pain is more predictable. He lost his family that day while he was away. Hers takes a more melancholy road. As she opens up, she tells the story of a love affair with a German soldier whom she would meet in all manner of places. One day she found him dying, curled up on the ground. She sits with him until he dies. New of their trysts gets out and she is ostracized by her community, her hair cropped, beaten, and thrown in a cellar by her own family. She has not told this story to anyone, including her own husband, until now. While she feels somewhat liberated the pain is too deep. The Japanese man, also married, wants her to stay in Hiroshima. The movie is about the relationship going forward with such damaged people. She repeatedly tries to escape him, but he keeps resurfacing. The sad thing is that she desires him and so it's not as if she is being stalked. Resnais is a master with the camera, using black and white contrasting images, engaging flashbacks, close-ups. One really marvelous scene is where the young woman, who has been playing a small part in an anti-war film, is nearly trampled by protesters carrying signs. Hiroshima is constantly in her face. She has been hurt so badly by the war and is carrying a load of guilt. War carries with it a loss of innocence and pain beyond the obvious. This film really captures this.

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