Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 75 Years Later


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Reviewed by hzethpwz4 / 10

History with pathetic excuses.

Oppenheimer was wrong, in so many other ways but, the device cannot be evil, it is an inanimate object.

The scientists, military and politicians are the evil ones!

Of course, there is a pathetic quick excuse to try and include Einstein in with the guilty,

Everybody involved in this disgrace knew it was a disgusting experiment on living human beings.

The only question being "How many subjects can we torture, maim and kill?

Answer... way too many to negate any excuse for conducting acts that far exceeded anything the Germans did or, in fact, any despot has committed throughout history.

Strange, tales of the horrors conducted by the Germans are still being told and retold, ad nauseaum, but tales of horrors conducted by the Americans are relegated to unwritten/spoken history and dark recesses.

I have visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial the amazing thing about the place is that all Japanese there, especially schoolchildren; on visits, seem to bear no anger towards the Americans.

Contrast that with the constant anger displayed by Americans against all, it seems, non-Americans or anyone who dares to disagree with them.

The other surprise was schoolchildren saying "why does that Englishman have tears in his eyes?"

The whole World should have tears in their eyes and never, ever, let any regime try to perpetrate this horror upon ANYBODY on this.planet or on any other.

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