Hide and Never Seek

2016 [KOREAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WVfilmfem8 / 10

Character driven, well done.

The main character hosts an online show which investigates supernatural, paranormal mysteries. I was engaged throughout because of his performance. Excellent actor, and well written script.

Reviewed by Patient4446 / 10

Entertaining - No horror.

Hide and Never Seek is a pleasant little movie that managed to bring a good plot, excellent acting and a different point of view. Finally someone that won't take any Asian legend for granted and has the courage to go and investigate.

It won't scare you or anything, it delivers far more humor than it does tension, but you do go along for the ride because it's an interesting one that keeps you guessing. I had fun with it and I think it was a bold and successful way of showing something different.

For fans of Asia horror cinema, I will recommend it because it brings something different to the table. For those seeking jump scares, this is not for you.


Reviewed by Ivyzrc8 / 10

Read this if you're confused by the ending

The plot twist at the end is that the Producer was possessed. If you payed attention you probably noticed that before Ya-gwang went into the building to broadcast the stream, he talked to his producer and said to him "Did you do your hair for this?" and so on, and the producer didn't even turn around or said anything to him. And after that when Ya-gwang was at the roof of the building and was asking for the producer to help him, he also didn't say anything. In the end of the movie we see that they actually did the ritual beforehand and that is when the producer got possessed,

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